I’ve been wondering about this since they announced the triple threat IC title match. Did creative book this as a 3 way in case Maryse goes into labour on the day of WM? If she did, they could announce that on the show and just have Rollins vs Balor for the now vacant title. This would set Miz up for a perfect return storyline about how he never lost the title, he was in an impossible situation, etc. All while claiming to still be the real IC champ, similar to HBK in 1994. Thoughts?


I was thinking earlier this week about how I felt bad for the Miz with the due date being so close to ‘Mania. That’s a really good point that you make; they could easily change the match if need be, nobody would be upset, and you’d have a good story for after ‘Mania between the winner and the Miz.

That is a really good point and if he did have to miss Mania we’d still get a good match between Rollins/Balor, that doesn’t even have to be for the IC title but I wouldn’t be against that as I feel Miz is now getting beyond that belt. I could honestly see him being a program for Reigns this year and maybe even getting a run with the title.

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They’ve got a crew of doctors in the back. Maryse should just be backstage.

Pretty sure she shouldn’t be travelling that far.

Why not? Selfish

@Dan - classic wwe thinking here. If Mae Young could do it… However, I suspect that if anything were to go wrong with the delivery the wwe stock would plummet. Given the Miz’ love for reality T.V. I wonder how often it comes up at his dinner table:
Miz: So, have you thought about it Maryse?
Maryse: No. Miz. The answer is and always will be NO!
Miz: More time then? Okay… if that’s what you need…

I feel like that has to be the only logical solution. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of Miz vs Braun, but I think they’re the two best performers in the company and this is the best they could do for Mania?!

Miz would love it if Maryse gave birth after he successfully defends his title and there were cameras everywhere.


Thinking about it that seems a likely topic for an episode of their reality TV show.

Well, the baby missed making it a Wresltemania moment.

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Miz and Bryan’s kids gonna be headlining Wrestlemania 55.

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I thought this as well u til he broke up the Miztourage. Without lackys he feels less than