Monday Night Raw

I feel nothing will change. Low ratings, decline in attendance, won’t make a difference. The quality of the product is complete and total trash. At this point, I watch out of loyalty. Been watching WWE since I was 7. I’m now 43, and appreciate the athleticism. But as a while, the product is terrible. Tonight’s show, was predictable. And that’s what wrong. As always, great job with your shows. Big fan, since The L.A.W. days.

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Man, wish I knew how an entire show would go at 9:01pm.

This was another awful raw, as someone who has loved wrestling for the last 30 years I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Same format, people come down to the ring, talk then set up a match. Then repeat for the stupid 6 man match. How about just announce some matches at the beginning of the show that will be coming up later on. Then you can create stories from there.
Who knows anymore. I just don’t know how much I can even watch any longer. I love listening to you guys on the post reviews. Much like Wei said, I can miss 3 months time and nothing will happen.
One last point, end the brand split or have a real brand split. They are going to over saturate Roman again and make people hate him. Also STOP HAVING THE SAME PEOPLE WORK EVERY WEEK LEADING UP TO THE PPV.

Andrew from Cali

I thought the commentary was better then usual tonight. (that’s not saying much) Do you guys think the WWE will change it’s normal format in any way when they move to fox in a few months? Also, Prayers for Cesaro and Durant.

I agree. I can’t justify wasting 3 hours watching this dreck. I haven’t watched a full Raw in a couple of months. There isn’t a single character or storyline that compels me to care about anything they are doing. Anyone I used to care about, I don’t want to see in the ring anymore. For me, Raw and Smackdown are unwatchable. (Side note: Anyone still clamoring for Steve Austin to have “one more match”, just watch Undertaker vs Goldberg. You’d have to think he’s turned down big money from the WWE. Austin vs Goldberg for a Saudi show has had to have been discussed.)

People tend to get more conservative and set in their ways as they age. This looks to be the case with Vince.

Raw has athletic wrestlers but the lack of character development and storyline depth has turned it quite bland and boring. There is an occasional intriguing segment/storyline here or there (24/7 title and Firefly Funhouse).

I will say at least we aren’t in the Guest Host Era. In my opinion, 2009 was a way worse product than modern day.

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