Montez Ford


WELP! I know what I am going to listen to now.

Well I wanted to listen, but if it is on Apple Music, it’s not easy to find llol

Type “A.J Francis” on Spotify. Go to his page and scroll down to “Appears on” and you’ll see Montez Ford’s album, “GOD IS GOOD

I DON’T KNOW WHY one has to work to find this album, but here we are?

EDIT: Here’s The link (Spotify Web Player)

EDIT X2: So I listened to the album. I wasn’t a huge fan. I guess it was a Christian Rap album, but mixed with non-Christian lyrics by the featuring artists. I felt it was going for a theme of “saved vs sinner” but it just didn’t hit for me. I felt it was more polished and the story has more “synergy” to it I think this would be a better album.

I felt the last three tracks where the strongest for me.

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Big fan of this style of old school hip hop

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