More releases! 😔

Wrote this a couple of weeks ago on my old account the last time they did this shit, but I’m going to post it again until people actually stop watching this actively awful company and giving them money:

I like Michael B Jordan as an actor. If MBJ works with Michael Bay, I know I don’t need to go see that because I have a decade of proof that the creative vision is awful. Coincidentally, if MBJ works with Woody Allen, I know I don’t need to see that either, because the person at the helm is proven scummy. If the director is creatively and morally bankrupt, what is the point of supporting their product in any shape or fashion? I can see MBJ as a much better character actor and feel good about doing so with someone or a team of someones at the helm who are invested, empathetic, and creative.

Even if you “support the performers,” WWE is artistically and ethically bankrupt, despite their financials being the opposite. They actually don’t need your money. They tell you that they’re sports-entertainment and not wrestling, and look at how they treat the wrestling talent: believe them when they say who they are. Stop supporting this megacorporation in any manner when you can actually support A-tier televised wrestling with AEW or IMPACT. Better yet, support independents like GCW or your local indie. Support a Japanese promotion, from NJPW to Gatoh Move. Buy a t-shirt from your favourite wrestler. Most of all, support actual journalism that holds the powerful to account.

And this is all without mentioning Saudi blood money, a culture of bullying, and both aiding in the normalization of Trump years ago while serving in his corrupt government just recently.

Wrestling fucks. WWE sucks. Same as it ever was.


What talents are safe from releases? Bloodline? 4 horse women? New day?

What made anyone think they would :man_shrugging: There is no evidence Vince and current stooges would ever properly use the act that emerged on NXT. This was so fish outa water even i. NXT. This group could have success but would require 1000% to the concept by a company. It’s the kind act that once not pushed 1000% feels like a campy act in a pro wrestling setting.

This group should have music videos dropping weekly and it should be marketed as music and music content and not a wrestling act. Then special feuds result in Swerve wrestling as a big attraction.

Also @El_Hijo_Del_JoMo is really nail on the head here. If Raw and 2.0 weren’t WWE products they wouldn’t be talked about whatsoever. It’s a weird phenomena where pro wrestling is this big ecosystem now that so many depend on WWE so they eat shit and smile (or more commonly groan) and pay them even more attention.

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I would say the new day, Roman reigns and the bloodline, 4 horse women, Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, and AJ

Everyone else isn’t safe

Also you have to remember it’s not like all of the free agents were released that were big names they got rid of. They never wanted to lose Jon Moxley, Adam Cole, Brian Danielson or FTR. Similarly I doubt they want to lose KO.

How do the people they genuinely dump, I think Aleister Black is clearly a mistake. But none of the others have really been huge stars, maybe Ruby Soho and Andrade being exceptions.

I’ve always interpreted “budget cuts” as a “nice” way of saying, “we just dont want you anymore”. Corporate speak. It used to be “creative couldnt find anything for them”.

Not defending them at all, just what I think it means.

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Interesting take. I didnt hear they wanted to become MA14, I hope they do.
Regardless, always shitty to hear that people lost their jobs.

I feel like it’s the easy, hassle and legal consequences free scapegoat coverall for any and all releases. Even if in an age of record profit, it’s wildly inexcusable.

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Very fair. I also think they did a horrible job managing these layoffs. If they just did one giant layoff months ago and then left things lone, nobody would be talking about this anymore. When you have like 5 rounds of layoffs, it becomes a thing.

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Very good points by Bix here…


Yup I see the budget thing as what it is cutting the budget to raise the profits. I.e. if they are paying people and they don’t see those people as making money then there isn’t a reason to pay them.

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As for who are major stars, not many. Miro is probably the biggest one. Brody Lee was another.

FTR, Bobby Fish, Shawn Spears are all in better positions than they were, but not quite stars.

In most cases they are used as well or better but there is only so much TV time.

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I think Miro, Braun and Bray for example were pushed talents they cut. Miro wanted out, can’t blame him. Guys like Kevin Owens, Kyle O’Reilly and Johnny wrestling have to seeing this. Unless they offer a no cut deal! I agree with some of the points you made.

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At this rate, there won’t be enough people for the Royal Rumble. They’re gonna need to call up Ahmed Johnson and the Goon to get that nostalgia pop


For Bobby Fish, I think they are building something with him and Cole so I’m going to wait on that before passing judgment.
For Shawn Spears, I think that he’s probably enjoying performing, and he also has a wrestling school with Matt Clement (formerly Tyler Breeze).

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Yeah they are fine, but I don’t think either is going to get a star level push anytime soon.

Yeah I just don’t get the appeal of working for WWE anymore. The contracts mean nothing, you’re overworked, micromanaged and cannot do anything outside of WWE without their permission.