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Was anyone able to find Dan Lovranski’s channel that John and Wai mentioned on Rewind-a-Raw 1/8/2017? A search for “Dr. Mouth Slip Through the Cracks” wasn’t pulling up anything that seemed remotely close.

Thanks for your help

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Here you go:


Thank you very much!

He’s also on Instagram at:

I was a little worried about the format, since like, 99.8% of record collector youtube channels are awful, but Mouth does it right. Looking forward to more.

I’m not a record collector so I’ve never seen any others, but I’m enjoying his so far, although I had to imagine I would after listening to and enjoying him for years on The Law.

Hell frozen over.


I’ve been collecting records for 20+ years, since I was 12, and the worst thing about it is talking to collectors who are years older than me. They think they live in High Fidelity and always talk down to you and it can really take the fun out of the whole thing, especially when I was a teenager. Mouth is a rare exception and these shows are fun and interesting at the same time. You can tell he really loves his collection and enjoys sharing it with others.

Dr. Mouth Slips Through the Cracks

Sounds like a porno.