My Hope For Smackdown

Undertaker shows up, makes a challenge for Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan comes out and asks him about accepting John Cenas challenge. Undertaker doesnt know wtf he’s talking about. Undertaker doesnt watch Raw, he’s a SD guy. Dolph Ziggler shows up and Zigzags Taker. We get Dolph/Taker at Mania. The fans all cry.


I super suspect they’ll just do something at Kid Rock’s induction at HOF. Would fucking adore the bait and switch though.

Undertaker lowering himself for Ziggler :rofl:

My only hope for Smackdown is their authority figures stop monopolizing airtime and main angles and go back to being the place of “opportunity”.

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Who hurt you? And were they a wrestling fan?

…Ziggler vs. Taker

Ziggler couldn’t even get a good match out of Nakamura and he could to carry Undertaker :smirk:

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Taker showing up on his show would be dope.

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I love that this is being taken seriously. I hate Ziggler.