As Wrestle kingdom is almost here,how does he feel?
As the lads said his go home promo for it was Rumble or something.
Truely dreadful

Getting paid a shit load to say four words…work a dark match and go surfing…truly he must feel terrible.


Yeah, I bet he cries himself to sleep at night, sobbing whilst looking at his lofty bank balance.


If money is his goal then fair play

I’m more on the “surfing is his goal” train of thought.


I think some people expect too much from Nakamura. Look at the latter part of his New Japan tenure, for example. Yeah he put on killer singles matches on the big shows but he was usually hiding in multi-man tags for 85% of the year. This WWE schedule really doesn’t suit his strengths as a performer.

The money and surfing benefits are pretty good though.

Yeah, apart from the Zayn match Nakamura just hasn’t really been given the opponents and the circumstances under which he shines. That’s as much his fault as WWE’s (look at how AJ flourished despite less than optimal positioning), but it speaks to the larger problem of WWE’s inabilities (or intractability) regarding switching up the presentation of their talent. It’s dead simple wisdom, but as Heyman always says, accentuate the positives, hide the negatives.

There are guys on this roster like AJ, Reigns, Cesaro, Sheamus, Cena who put on a good to great matches with anyone they’re paired up with…perhaps his streak of forgetable performances should be on him.

Being paired up with people that mesh with their style is what people used to say with Baba…safe to say Nakamura isn’t some lumbering giant who had two left feet.

I feel like the SmackDown WM main event will be AJ Styles vs Nakamura.

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I’m a Nakamura fan but he shines when he’s not on every show. That’s why he worked so well in New Japan and NXT. He wasn’t on every show and didn’t “have to be used”. He felt more special when he did wrestle.

The more NJPW I watch, the more I see how overrated Nakamura truely is. He has a ton of charisma, no doubt, but he needs someone else who can go, otherwise the match sucks.

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The real test will be if they pull the trigger with him and have him win the Rumble and have him and AJ for the title at Mania. Which is what they absolutely should do. Have them tag and tease tension until then.

He should cut short, serious, promos and have a few backstage features that chronicles his history in New Japan, journey to NXT, and motivation to make it to Mania and wrestle for the title.

There’s enough talent on SD and potential NXT call ups for him to be a top player and put on some stellar matches throughout the rest of the year.

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I don’t get Nakamura at all. What is he supposed to be, a burned out pill head gone mental?

He hasn’t got the physique and his moves (kicks) are sloppy. I’ve never seen him outside of WWE so this is based on his current run. (Starting with an awful match v Ziggler when he half hit 3 moves in 12 minutes)

I’d put Rusev v AJ.

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This is definitely true but consider how different the WWE style is and what that forces Nakumura to limit himself to. He needs a guy who can find a good middle ground which are guys like Sami and AJ. As good as Ziggler is he wouldn’t be much in Japan.

Honestly, although my first post may say otherwise, he is one of the best in the world. Unfortunately, the WWE machine isn’t helping him properly show off his potential.

Check out his NXT debut against Sami Zayn or his Wrestle Kingdom match against Kota Ibushi. Two of my favourite matches of all time and so easy for a new fan to get into. The Ibushi match has English commentary from Jr too if that makes it an easier watch.

If you put Nakamura with Styles and you let them go then you’ll get a fantastic match. AJ is probably the wrestler of the year for most people, he’s mine considering what he’s produced and with who, and Nakamura could still do great things. It’s just Nakamura’s stuff on the main roster has been a bit of a let down, he was still able to produce amazing matches in NXT.

I like Nakamura a lot but his WWE run has been lacklustre. Unfortunately aside from his barn burner debut with Sami Zayn he really hadn’t had any great matches in WWE (his one with Randy on SD! was maybe his next best).

I’m thinking his style just needs the right opponent and that opponent certainly isn’t Baron Corbin.

I’m looking forward to a WrestleMania program with AJ Styles and hopefully an excellent match.

Nakamura is used horribly right now, but he’s making a ton of money to take far less physical punishment, so I can’t imagine he’s too upset. He’s also just a few years shy of 40, so I don’t know how much longer he would have lasted doing the kind of matches he was having in Japan.

That would be so awesome. As much as I would love for that to happen, I bet they will book Cena to wrestle AJ instead, going for his big record-breaking title win. Here’s hoping Nakamura wins the Rumble, and gets a big stage match with AJ, as that would help to offset the very dull and predictable Reigns/Lesnar match that is destined to happen. We shall see…

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Nakamura will be fine it’s hideo Itami i worry for terrible terrible bad luck with injuries and now he’s got the 205 banner on him i just hope the GTS doesn’t get taken away now also worrying times for hideo