Naomi's new look

Does anyone else feel that Naomi’s new look makes her look like an updated version of the bride of frankenstien, not happy with this new look at all

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boo this man

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My style isn’t for everyone & I’m good with that 😌 you should be too have a blessed day 😁

— Trinity Fatu (@NaomiWWE) February 17, 2020

God made her hair look that way. Take it up with him.


There is a long and troubling history of policing black folks’ hair in some really ugly ways, OP. I’d suggest doing some reading on the subject.


Uhm, I can’t believe I’m seeing a Teen Vogue article being used in trying to make something out of nothing, let’s just all relax. Nothing made me think the original comment was anything other than an opinion, no different than someone’s ring gear.

I like the new look because she needed to do something, and look at Jericho! He would change his hairstyle all the time and most of the time it looked a bit silly some would say.

So I’m glad she stands out a bit, i’d like to see her get a chance at holding the title for a much longer run than she originally had it.

Teen Vogue is good. Get with it.

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Hopefully Vince doesn’t see this. If we get a monster mash stable teaming her with Dracula (Shayna) and Wolfman (Killian Dain) - I’m blaming you

How do I downvote

In this thread: Bunch of dudes discussing women’s hairstyles with other dudes.

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