New beginning in Osaka

  • Hiroshi Tanahashi Retains the IWGP title
  • Jay White wins the IWGP for the first time

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Very interesting match up that’s for sure but with that big Maddison square garden show coming up i think tanahashi will retain.

However a jay white title run would be interesting to see how far he can run with it.

Going with Tana. I feel like Okada is walking out of MSG with the title, and that match in MSG sounds like a magical, historic, landmark moment for NJPW.

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Tanahashi vs Okada at the garden would be something special


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Intersting to see how this Jay White era goes. New Japan is hurting with the lost of The Elite but they will bounce back

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I’m all for this Jay White title run. Now we have the New Japan Cup and G1, where we will get 2 new challengers for Jay and potentially 2 new matches (I’m hoping Ibushi and Naito).

Lots of new storyline possibilities now, so am happy Jay has the belt.

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Who do you want to see him face at MSG? I’m really torn about this. There is nobody for Jay White to face that is MSG headline worthy. And that is mostly because Jay White is not MSG headline worthy. Here were the options over the past 6 months and here is where we are now:

Speculated Omega-Ibushi singles match at The World’s Most Famous Arena
Okada vs. Tanahashi on US Soil for the first time
Dream Match of Tanahashi and Jericho
Ibushi tries to avenge the loss of his Golden Lover and finally surpass his god-Tanahashi

somebody tell me who Jay White face and what the big hook is for the North American crowd with this one? Okada rematch would be great except for the fact that had they left the title on Tanahashi it would have set up the better Okada option, and if they were going to put the title on Okada at MSG then Jay White would have been the most logical first challenger coming off WK13 (even with a loss to Tanahashi in between). And are they going to beat Okada a 3rd time with Jay White? :exploding_head:

Jay White is your #1 heel in New Japan right now. We’ve seen Tanahashi wrestle everyone there is to wrestle. He doesn’t need the title. I think Ibushi wins the New Japan cup and challenges for the title at MSG.


I understand White is the top heel. And I think he’s been great at it since the G1.
My issue is that any match he has at the Garden feels less important than anyone else because he lacks the worldliness and legacy of the other options. Maybe it’s the New Yorker in me that thinks too highly of MSG but it’s the single biggest venue in the states for any game or concert. And Jay White is going to headline?

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I personally wouldnt mind seeing Scurll/Lethal headline, with Scurll winning the title.

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At this rate, I have to imagine ROH headlines the show and Scurll is involved. Marty is going to be the most over guy on the entire show. If not for Jr division Marty should be getting the title shot.

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Scurll won’t main event if they think they’re giving too much shine to a guy that may be headed to the competition soon. I know they want to go big for MSG, but the show is already sold out. You have to push the talent that’s sticking around.

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I agree with you. BUT…this was a card that at one time had the potential to (while never promised) feature Omega, Jericho, The Bucks, Cody, Hangman, SCU…if New Japan doesn’t deliver few big matches, and ROH decides they won’t use their most over talent to headline…this show is going to be half-full despite selling out months in advance.

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I would agree, if Scurll was leaving in a couple months. If I’m not mistaken, he’s in ROH until at least the end of the year. They have a ton of time to use him to their advantage. I think Scurll wins the title and then Matt Taven eventually takes it off him.

It’s gonna be interesting on what the single-elimination lineup will look like for the New Japan Cup. I definitely up for an Ibusho win and the opportunity for him to face Jay White for G1 Supercard. Gotta see my guys, Suzuki and Ishii in that tournament.

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While not a bad match this majorly lacked energy of being an epic and they fell short on trying to capture the magic of the shock Okada win in 2012. Jay White has improved greatly and carried himself as a star in this one. Also appreciate them doing everything they possibly can making White legit with little shenanigans on his behalf and Gedo.

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The great thing about the show in New York is that MSG is already sold out, so you can go with either jay white vs ibushi (if ibushi wins the new japan cup.) or lethal vs scurll as the main event.

If however the hierarchy of new japan feel like they need something BIG then you could do Tanahashi vs Okada with the winner getting a title shot at Dominion. I suspect though they will probably be working together in a tag vs G.O.D something like that.

In regards to the MSG show, Chris Jericho has said his AEW contract allows him to work New Japan dates. Any chance he appears? Chris Jericho in a rematch vs Naito would definately feel like a worthy MSG main event.

He shouldn’t. I know there are avenues open for friendly business relationships here, but AEW isn’t currently spending/operating like “just another indie” and NJPW shouldn’t be featuring a major player from the company that’s currently signing some of its best talent. If NJPW features a Jericho or Omega at the Garden, the aftermath is they head back to Japan and Jericho/Omega/whoever gets to stay in North America to capitalize.