New championship to be introduced at NXT Takeover

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It was announced at Wednesday night’s NXT taping at Full Sail University that a North American championship will be introduced with the first champion crowned at Takeover over WrestleMania weekend.

The title will be awarded to the winner of a six-way ladder match on Saturday, April 7th at Takeover between Ethan Carter III, Velveteen Dream, Adam Cole, Killian Dane, Lars Sullivan, and Ricochet.

Love it. Hopefully coming are Cruiserweight Tags, Women’s Tags, and 6 man belts. (several 3 man factions exist and more could easily be created: the Shield, New Day, SanitY, Undisputed ERA).

I’m not saying make random things like Thursday Night Champion or anything that we haven’t seen before, but I think there should be more categories of belts so every person on the roster can be striving or pointed to obtaining one of these belts. In kayfabe, I would think that’s the point or motivation of most all of the roster. Like the soccer leagues in Europe, not everyone can play for the top prize. I don’t think it waters it down; it gives everyone something to strive for thereby making everyone’s story important.

So we get a new takeover opener…too many titles. Like this company needs more titles.

Should rename this “New Era” to the “Entitlement Era”…everyone gets a title shot and everyone gets a title.

I wouldn’t be against a secondary singles title in NXT if they didn’t have the UK title as that from time to time. They still need to put focus on that title rather than introduce a brand new one.

Still risky business. Might work if some of the belts get put merged. Look at NJPW though, they have a hard time making all those belts matter.

I’m probably in the minority on this one (John always wants to merge the I.C. and U.S.), but I think that’s the kayfabe point of why the wrestlers are here. I’m certainly not saying give everyone a belt or make random stuff like Intergalatic 7 man Thursday Ringleader Championship. I just feel everyone on the roster should be pointed towards one of the titles. We all know not everyone can be the man with the top title. Plenty of other ‘sports’ have more titles (UFC, broken down by weight and gender, euro soccer with many tiers of divisions).

Imagine if there was just the Universal Title (going the other direction of taking more away). It would be pointless to have a 75 person roster (or however many there is right now) all going for that one belt (and also in which the current champion doesn’t show up much).

I don’t think any of the other (current) belts ‘not meaning anything’ has much at all to do with how many total titles there are. My guess would be a 71 year old is overruling and micro-managing all the content so the writers can not do the very thing they are hired to do (create fun, intriguing, interesting storylines and characters in a wrestling environment with championships at stake).

I think watching the dynamics of several women’s tag teams would be exciting (seeing what double team moves or hand gestures or catch phrases or attire or team names or music that they would come up with), Same with cruiserweight tag belts. I think 6 man would work great also as there are several 3 man factions already (and the Shield could go for the 6 man, but at the same title individually complete for say the Heavyweight Title if need be).

Give everyone a great (kayfabe) motivation to be in this company: going for a championship. ‘Feeding their families or liking to fight’ doesn’t do much for the audience (although also valid reasons for being there).

Definitely not feeling this title. Part of the reason I love NXT is the titles actually mean something.

So now every 5 match Takeover is going to have 4 title matches? Totally watered down.

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