New ideas for dark Side of a ring

Any new ideas if/ when the new season comes what ideas you think they may cover
My idea they can cover the rise and fall of FMW

The death of Misawa in the ring. That could be something.


Chris Kanyon would make for a very interesting subject. Also Perry Saturn, Chyna and Dynamite Kid.

I’d also like to see the plane ride from hell and the Arn Anderson/Sid Vicious “scissors” incident covered


I think they could do a good one about the death of Perro Aguayo Jr. The way that match continue to on around a guy with fractured vertebrae having a massive heart attack is the great wrestling disgrace that no one talks about.

Also, they wouldn’t do it because of the costs associated and the increasingly difficulty in getting interview subjects due to age, but I’d love to see one on the rise, fall and rise again of Australian wrestling, covering WCW in the 1960s and 70s through the revival with MCW, PWA, EPW among others over the last 10-15 years.

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An investigative piece on Jerry lawyer would be good.

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The death of Vanguard 1


XPW Messiah incident

Brian Pillman

The attempted murders of Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black by Baron Corbin.


I think an XPW episode would definitely fit in. Plenty of people to talk to, and tons of ground to cover. Messiah, the East Coast expansion / take over, Rob Black, ECW brawl.

I think anything really centered on non-North American stories is unlikely. Although European talent like Dynamite would be good (just unsure if he has lots of people who were close to him to speak).

I’d think the “Plane ride from Hell” would be interesting.
Definitely Pillman.

Other topics I’ve yet to see…

  • Teddy Hart (in the vein of the New Jack episode).
  • WWF scandals of the early 90’s (steroid case / and or / sexual assault and harrassment allegations)
  • Yokozuna (life and sad death)
  • Brian Lawler (or use his story to examine Jerry, and Memphis as well).
  • Larry Sweeney (although, might be too niche).
  • The Kliq
  • Max Payne / Man Mountain Rock
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I agree that Chris Kanyon would be interesting, his autobiography was a great read.
An episode covering Mike Awesome would also be interesting too.

Lots of other great ideas already mentioned too.


Plane ride from hell

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Matt cappotelli would be interesting.

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Larry Sweeney would be great. I think there are actually a lot of prominent names that knew him well that could speak to him. Not too niche at all

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Chyna is a big one and I think she will be a topic. This woman lived a number of lifetimes in one.

Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid could probably be back to back episodes with both two different stories.

The big story that I don’t think as many people is the ring boy scandal with a spotlight on Mel Phillips. I don’t think many people know how fucked up he was and how fucked up it was of Vince Sr. and Vince Jr. to keep him around when they were told about some of the incidents he was involved with.

Larry Sweeney could be a great one for people similar to a Herb Abrams where they might not know him but will learn about him. Chris Hero getting out of WWE would be good and I think Cary Silkin would be another person to contact for this episode.

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Judging by the ratings for some of the episodes, I wouldn’t say niche subjects don’t matter


If things carry on - Alberto Del Rio will be in upcoming series

I know it’s not a story full of darkness - but much like Gino Hernandez, he’s somebody that had he lived another decade, would have been a star somewhere.

Plus everybody has something good to day about the guy. It’s a tragic story, and one of a guy who’s battle with mental issues took him away from the world and the business at a far too early age.

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Totally agree. He really should have been this generation’s Bobby Heenan. And his last few months, from what I’ve read, sound very sad. Anything to get more awareness about mental health and Sweeney would be awesome


The whole story of WCW is interesting.

WCW started in 1964 by Jim Barnett, it was based in Melbourne and would air nationally at noon each Saturday & Sunday on the Nine Network.

Early shows had attendances of 6,000 or greater, including 8,000 in Melbourne to witness a championship match between Killer Kowalski ©& Dominic De Nucci.

Like many of the Japanese companies of today, WCW had their own governing body, the International Wrestling Alliance (IWA), with the original championships bearing these names.

The WCW’s IWA not to be confused with one of the longest promotions currently active today, International Wrestling Australia (IWA), founded in 1998.

On April 23rd 1966 from Festival Hall in Melbourne, the crowd in attendance witnessed a “Best Two Out Of Three Falls” match for the “WWWF World Heavyweight Championship” when Bruno Sammartino © Vs. Killer Kowalski.

In 1969 the WCW joined the NWA, but continued with the IWA championships until 1971, when NWA championships were adopted.

WCW would regularly tour not only Australian, but also New Zealand from 1973.

WCW’s eventual fall occored in the 1978 when the broadcaster Nine Network dropped wrestling in favour of station owner Kerry Packer starting his own cricket league, World Series Cricket (WSC), in 1977.

WCW ran their last known show in Australia from Flemington, NSW in November of 1978.

For the time WCW had a roster consisting of many future Hall Of Famers including
:fr: Andre The Giant
:argentina: Antonino Rocca
:us: Bruiser Brody
:it: Bruno Sammartino
:us: Dusty Rhodes
:malta: George Juilo
:us: Harley Race
:canada: Killer Kowalski
:us: Larry Hennig
:australia: Larry O’Dea
:it: Mario Milano
:us: Mr. Fuji
:canada: Pat Patterson
:australia: Ron Miller
:greece: Spiros Arion
:india: Tiger Jeet Singh
:jp: The Tojo Brothers (Hiro = Samson Kutsuwada & Hito = The Great Kabuki)

During the resurgence in wrestling popularity during the 1990’s the Nine Network released WCW for home video purchase, this being “The Very Best Of World Championship Wrestling” Volumes 1-5. Originally as VHS in the 1990’s & then as DVD’s in the 2000’s.

Following the WCW home releases two documentaries were made. The first being “Ruff Tuff & Real” released in 2007 on DVD, and the second being “Over The Top Rope” released in 2017.

Currently, their is no VOD provider that has access to the WCW archive.

Agreed. Either Misawa, Rikidōzan or Hayabusa (Eiji Ezaki) and how his career neck injury ended the the once popular FMW.

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