New Rare Interview - The Undertaker 'Out of Character' w/ Ed Young

Great behind the character interview with The Undertaker :+1:

This is probably the most in depth interview he has ever given. That is really shitty that he decided to give it to this guy who seems to be a casual fan at best. Hopefully he doesn’t just whore himself out and give an interview to whoever wants one. I personally wished he kept kayfabe for forever.

The interview is probably going to pass 1 million views later this week and all the other videos on the channel have less than one hundred. Quite the exclusive

I guess I should try and give some context to this since I live in the area. Ed Young is the pastor at Fellowship Chuch, a megachurch in the north-Texas area where Taker lives. The church is well known for its celebrity members such as Tony Romo, Troy Aikman and other Dallas Cowboys. The church is also well know for its somewhat “stunt” like sermon series on families, sex and other things. Its a typical baptist church so it’s conservative but not crazy conservative (at least in comparison with other mega churches in Texas).

This is a part of a sermon series on “Wrestling” with god. Where Sting, Ted Dibiase and Ric Flair have each already been discussing their careers and beliefs. I believe Fellowship Church even held a wrestling event a couple of weeks ago.

I expect this to be a rare one time thing with Undertaker. While there are very few in-depth interviews with him, everything I’ve ever heard is that he’s a fairly private and low-key kind of guy. I don’t expect him to start doing rounds on podcasts.

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He’s out of character on the 'Monday Night War’documentaries on the Network. He was at Flair’s wedding. This is hardly a business-killer…

Yeah but he didn’t talk for 30 minutes about his “character” or inside stuff like that.

Maintaining kayfabe is honestly the stupidest shit people still cling too.

Even legit fighters tell us they were just promoting fights.

So if you were Vince McMahon would you allow Charlotte and Becky to go Instagram live together and be joking and having a good time like they have for years while they are having a intense feud? Should all kayfabe be destroyed or should there still be some stuff protected?

(Also IMO Taker maintaining kayfabe to the degree he has for years is what makes him Taker)

They literally did curtain calls at the end of heated fueds.

And most of the roster have their real names under their character social media accounts.

I doubt Vince McMahon cares anymore. It would be like expecting method actors to stay in character until the DVD commentary…it’s ludicrous and would be considered a sign of mental illness.

“Hey Christian Bale…I’m going to need you fight crime until we wrap the entire Batman series ok?”

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Yeah when they did the curtain call HHH got in deep shit and all of the roster was pissed at them.

Wrestling is very different from movies to me. I think of wrestling in more of a reality show context. You know it is bullshit but the people on the reality shows still protect the show to a certain degree. Or a comic protecting their character. Like Jon Stewart shouldn’t of come out and say that he is more politically conservative while he was the host on the Daily Show and he was just playing a character. I know kayfabe is mostly dead but there still needs to be some semblance of it.

Would you be OK if right after the Joe and AJ feud ends they do a podcast released later that week going into detail about how they came up with everything? I personally wouldn’t like that. I’m OK with retired wrestlers going over their feuds together or if it ended quite some time ago on some media outlet but the day after it ended or even during it, no way.

When Jericho wrestles he talks all about the inside stuff on his podcast the day after it happened. I can’t get lost in anything he does or take him as wrestler seriously because of that. There is no mystique with the guy.

Keller nails it.

I was talking about the Horse women when it comes to curtain calls, shit the women do it every time a first happens for them right now.

Jon Stewart is a commentator not a character first off…secondly Alex Jones and Sean Hannity broke kayfabe about them not being journalists in Hannity’s case or just flat out playing a character in Jones case.

How is that any different than Robert Downey jr and Josh Brolin doing pressers for Infinity Wars?

I’m just going to say that me and you view wrestling in very different ways. I like the mystique being there in wrestling you clearly don’t.

I didn’t say Jon Stewart was a character. I said what if he went on Fox News and did a interview while he was the host of the Daily Show and did a candid interview where he talked about how he was more conservative politically and who he was on the Daily Show was just a “character”. It would kill the enjoyment of the Daily Show for a lot of viewers.

Alex Jones is a perfect point. He is clearly playing a exaggerated bat shit character. If he regularly went on large media outlets talking about how he was just playing a character it would kill his persona. The one time he did he was forced to in a court of law. He isn’t going on CNN or MSNBC regularly talking about how he is just playing a character.

I compare wrestlers to what Alex Jones does not Hollywood actors.

What exactly is the mystique? it’s always been what we know

You’re really fucking stupid. Every time you talk you get dumber. Talking with you is a complete waste of time and energy.

I’m done ever engaging with you because you are either a troll or borderline mentally challenged. I hope for your sake you are just a troll and not this stupid.

Pro wrestling is what is what it is…not my fault you have the “it’s. still teal to me dammit” mentality.

It’s kinda amazing that this is the first time I’ve heard his out of character voice. That’s 28 years of deep kayfabe.

Ed Young sounds like he could be a great announcer but in an interview setting, he’s too much.

“The church is also well know for its somewhat “stunt” like sermon series on families, sex and other things. Its a typical baptist church so it’s conservative but not crazy conservative…”

It’s still a work, brother.