Next champions

Who do we all think will finally dethrone Roman and MJF?

At this point in time, for AEW, I fully believe Swerve is the guys who should beat MJF.


For WWE, I wasn’t a huge detractor of Cody not winning last Mania. But at this point, they’ve set themselves up where he has to be the one to do it.

For AEW, I think MJF loses the ROH tag belts to FTR :wink:

I’d love this. I realised Swerve was in WWE the other day-WTF? How did they not hold on to him, he’s so good.

Id say Cody and Adam Cole.

It absolutely should be Swerve but I think they go the safe route and go back to Omega - who then drops the title to Osprey when he signs.

Unfortunately I think Swerve gets lost in the shuffle

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