Nick Khan: Las Vegas is being considered for WrestleMania 41

Originally published at Nick Khan: Las Vegas is being considered for WrestleMania 41

WWE President Nick Khan opened up about the promotion’s plans for upcoming Premium Live Events, including next year’s WrestleMania.

Khan appeared at the 2024 Sports Business Journal’s World Congress of Sports this week. Among the many topics he discussed was WWE’s future plans for events.

According to Sporting Tribune CEO Arash Markazi, Khan said that the promotion isn’t ready to reveal the WrestleMania 41 location yet. However, he also mentioned that Las Vegas is being considered for the event.

Khan seemingly learned some lessons from this year’s card. He described his hope to not host the event at an outdoor venue on the East Coast, like Philadelphia this year. He also said they don’t want to go head-to-head with NCAA’s March Madness semi-finals like they did this year.

He later mentioned WWE’s plans for other PLE cards on their annual schedule. Khan said that WWE plans to keep its top four shows (WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, Summerslam, and Survivor Series) within the U.S. and Canada, but will bring other special events around the world.

As site fees have become an increasingly large priority for WWE’s business model, the promotion has taken numerous PLEs outside of North America.

WWE has visited many international locations for top events, including Perth, Australia in February. They don’t have any plan of slowing down with international shows, as demonstrated by their upcoming schedule. From May to August, they head to Scotland, France, Germany, and Saudi Arabia for PLEs.