Ninja Mack to debut for Pro Wrestling NOAH

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Ninja Mack is coming to Pro Wrestling NOAH.

During Pro Wrestling NOAH’s ‘Reboot’ show on January 5th, it was announced that Ninja Mack will soon be making his debut for the company.

Ninja Mack has been spotlighted in Game Changer Wrestling and after the news about him officially joining NOAH was made public, he took to social media to thank GCW promoter Brett Lauderdale and regulars of the promotion.


【Ninja Mack】

COMING SOON!!#ノアズイッテンゴ #noah_ghc #wrestleUNIVERSE

— プロレスリング・ノア |PROWRESTLING NOAH (@noah_ghc) January 5, 2022

Thank you, @Loko_Wrestling @GCWrestling_ @JaimeMtz420 @Lauderdale11 @JANELABABY @TheJimmyLLoyd what each of yall did for me this year was truly special, #ninjamack #dd22 #houstonpw #noahninja
Bet That

— Ninja Mack (@NinjaMack1) January 5, 2022

This past September, Ninja Mack told the ‘Juice Pro Wrestling’ podcast that he was set to work a handful of dates for Pro Wrestling NOAH but the rising COVID cases in Japan prevented him from doing so. At the time of the recording, Mack believed he’d be working with NOAH by the end of 2021.

Members of the NOAH roster appeared at the Tokyo Dome on day two of Wrestle Kingdom 16 ahead of the NJPW versus NOAH show on January 8th.


I am so, soooo excited for this. Mack should fit in well with what’s arguably the deepest junior division in the world. I can’t wait for his eventual singles match with Seiki Yoshioka, it’s going to be pure insanity!