NJPW New Beginning in Sapporo Night 1 - Discussion

That main event made my knee hurt! The LIJ guys have great chemistry as a team, and the work great against Chaos

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Goodness gracious the main event was sooo sadistic.

Suzuki tortures Tana for felt like 15 minutes straight with heel hooks, kneebars, figure 4s and when he finally got the Gotch piledriver, he kept on going instead of pinning Tana. Like WTF. Finally Red Shoes showed some mercy.


I have never seen that finish before and I loved it. The leg submission looked absolutely brutal as well,at one point Tanahashi’s foot was pointing straight down, it was gross. A bit long in the tooth for me to go and re-watch but good stuff while it lasted.

The last four multi-mans were also fun, breezy and added more to the stories going into the next few shows.

As far as these house shows go, thumbs up from me.

Naito getting more dickish since WK12 is something I have a lot of time for.

Absolutely love this Naito.
Kenny seems closer to going it alone. I hate to say it but I’d bet on Jay White to take the title from him
I like Chase Owens. He’s underutilized.
Okada is getting very cockey

Tanahashi has felt long in need of a break for me and I felt like he was getting a lot of protection in spots he could have put others over (Kota, Jay) on his way to that break. But I found myself very into his selling and the story told in that match. It was pretty awesome tonight. I’ve become a fan of Suzuki in the his last two big matches and think he’s a fascinating character after being shamed in Tokyo Dome.

Now some fantasy booking/speculation
After last year’s US shows which had Cody v Okada and Kenny winning the tournament I think the biggest thing to do this year is Omega v Okada 4 in America with Kenny winning setting up The 5th of the series for all the marbles back on Okadas home turf next WK. I’d have Kenny win the New Japan Cup and Okada win the G1