NJPW UK TV Coverage

I know that they are trying to get into the US, however wouldn’t it be a good idea if NJPW put their AXS show on UK TV.

I know that they had a old slot on Eurosport however that was ages ago and considering that it’s a hot product, I’m sure that it would go down well on Challenge or another channel.

The idea of NJPW sandwiched between re-runs of Catchphrase and Super Market Sweep would do wonders for their image, I’m sure!

The best place for it would be a channel similar to Bravo.

That’s exactly how I catch Impact on the game show network.

It’s worked wonders for them…

When you consider that a channel like FreeSports went with 5 Star, there’s not much hope for New Japan no matter how hot it is.

5 Star? Yuck. What an awful representation of BritWres (and wrestling in general, tbh).

The problem is what channel can they really go on that would fit them and get them viewers?

Most UK channels suited to something like NJPW have gone off-air over the years unfortunately.

Looking at who owns AXS and whatever link they have to the UK market, CBS Action would be a likely place if it could happen.