NJPW World: streaming apps?

I signed up for NJPW World to watch WrestleKingdom 12 and I am going to keep it. I like to watch on my TV and I can, via Airplay, load up NJPW World in a browser on my iPad and do a screen sync with my Apple TV but I found that pausing and rewinding was a little klunky sometimes. Is anyone aware of any devices (e.g. Chromecast) that have a dedicated NJPW World player or app?

From what I’ve been told the Firestick is the only thing with a dedicated NJPW app

Fire TV dude. I ordered it to watch live and it works great. You can also watch it via a browser on Xbox One or cast it to a Chromecast from you phone. But Fire TV is the only one I know of with the dedicated app.

Thanks, guys! I will check out Fire TV. Much appreciated.

I can definitely recommend Chromecast. I have a shitty internet connection, but NJPW World streams just fine without any hiccups.