Not sure if this is possible or how it would work on the back end. But is there a way to enable notifications on the main site, or on the forums, or both? By notifications I mean Chrome notifications, or desktop notifications. Chrome allows websites to send notifications to the desktop or android. I use this for the web version of Twitter on my phone so that I do not need to install the app. I would love to have a notification when John posts a news update. Really not sure if this is even an option, but it couldn’t hurt to look into it. Right now I have ifttt working with the news RSS feed but it’s kinda klugey.

Go to and enable Desktop Notifications, perhaps that will give you what you want?

Okay! That should work for the forums. Any way to enable this on Or, get notified when a specific user posts, like John?

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There are a few ways to do it I’ll chat with @wai0937 about it and see if that is a feature they’d like to have on the main website.

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