NWA POWER REPORT: Eli Drake & James Storm vs. The Bouncers

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2020/03/03/nwa-power-report-eli-drake-james-storm-vs-the-bouncers/

On this week’s edition of NWA Power, the show was headlined by an NWA tag title and their schedule in the weeks leading up to the Crockett Cup show.


They were each doing push-ups like they were Mark Hominick and they had a pose off. Starks slipped attempting a tornado DDT but then hit a Michinoku Driver. Dice hit the Shake, Rattle & Roll neck breaker but the count was stopped with Starks’ foot under the rope.

Starks grabbed his fanny pack and threw the lethal weapon to Starks, who was caught by the referee and warned about smuggling in A FANNY PACK. Starsk got rid of the incriminating evidence and went for a sunset flip, which was blocked with Dice hooking the leg and pinning Starks.

WINNER: Zicky Dice at 5:08 to win the NWA Television title

This felt out of nowhere with the title change from Starks, who was in the middle of his ‘Lucky 7’ quest, which was at two and now resets with the new champion.

Thom Latimer walked out and announced to Joe Galli that Kamille will finally speak ‘next week’ (it will be in two weeks) and have her in-ring debut.

Clips from the Crockett Cup press conference aired from the Gateway Center Arena in College Park, Georgia. Marty Scurll ‘guaranteed’ he will win the title at the show. The arena was in the background and it’s brand new and looks spectacular with an intimidate feel but way bigger than NWA is used to.

The ad portion saw The Question Mark with a ventriloquist selling Question Mark flags and speaking about Mongrovian Wikipedia. I would love to be a fly on the wall for the brainstorming session to come up with these. Nothing is topping Nikita Koloff’s pitch to come to join MAN CAMP from last week, but this was entertaining in its own way.

Aron Stevens and The Question Mark were interviewed, and Stevens was great in this segment. Nick Aldis and Tim Storm may be the better overall speakers, but no one interacts and plays off the crowd better than Stevens. They challenged The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express and asked someone to wake them up backstage. Morton & Gibson came out, Steven said he didn’t want to waste their time ‘because I don’t know how much you have left’ before clarifying that he meant for the segment time. He asked RNR to ‘do business’ and he’ll land them in a movie, Morton and Gibson turned down the offer and will FIGHT them next week (again, two weeks).


This is a ‘Last Chance’ match where the contracts of The Dawsons and Caleb Konley are coming due and CW Anderson is trying to get an NWA contract. The losers won’t be returning. It’s also a Tornado Rules match.

Caleb Konley was the standout of the brief match firing up with a suicide dive after taking a double powerbomb. Konley and Anderson double-teamed Zane Dawson with a spine buster from Anderson and springboard moonsault by Konley for the victory.

WINNERS: Caleb Konley & CW Anderson in 4:38

Konley looked good in the match while Anderson is now 49 years old and they put over the weight he has lost and is down to 210 pounds from 250 in his ECW days.

Sean Mooney went over the NWA’s programming schedule for the next few weeks:

March 10th – Episodes 2 & 3 of The Circle Squared

March 17th – Super Power
-Nick Aldis & Thom Latimer vs. Marty Scurll & Brody King
-The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express vs. Aron Stevens & The Question Mark
-Tim Storm vs. Jax Dane
-Kamille makes her in-ring debut and speaks for the first time
-Thunder Rosa’s opponent for the Crockett Cup

March 24th – April 14th will include a show called ‘Power Surge’, the Crockett Cup Selection Show, and the return of Ten Pounds of Gold

Joe Galli spoke with May Valentine and her ‘best friend’ Sal Rinauro. She promoted her vlog and then Sal discussed his broken arm that will keep him out for another month. He said it was his ‘lucky break’ because he gets to hang out with Valentine and assist with her new lingerie line. The two went to shoot her vlog when Royce Isaacs, the jealous boyfriend, stormed out and threatened to break Rinauro’s good arm as Valentine was furious and left to the back.

The Pope and The Bouncers spoke with David Marquez with The Bouncers loyal to The Pope’s money and will become the best team in the universe.


Eddie Kingston came out with the champions opposite The Pope in the other corner.

James Storm struggled to get Brian Milonas off his feet, and they got the heat on Storm for most of the match. Drake received the tag and the audience was rabid as they attacked The Bouncers. Later, Drake grabbed Milonas’ leg on the turnbuckle allowing Storm to hit a sunset bomb. They took out Milonas with a double-team slam followed by Beer City Bruiser taking the Last Call superkick and a jumping elbow drop from Drake for the win.

WINNERS: Eli Drake & James Storm in 8:11 to retain the NWA tag titles

It was a fun match and the audience loves Drake and Storm. The hot tag and the closing sequence were hot inside the arena and the audience got to their feet cheering on the champions.

Eddie Kingston stared down The Pope and challenged him to enter the ring, but he left.


Usually, this show has that one home run promo from one of the central players and this week didn’t have it. The best promo segment of the show was Aron Stevens and his back-and-forth with The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express that sets up their tag match on March 17th.

The pairing of May Valentine and Sal Rinauro is working as Valentine plays her character great and I’ve been impressed with her since she’s been given a large speaking role on the show. The Royce Isaacs romance seems designed to get the audience behind Valentine and they seem to be going in that direction where the audience roots for her to leave Isaacs for Rinauro.

It was a good episode with some of the supporting cast of the show while Nick Aldis and Marty Scurll were limited to the press conference clips and Tim Storm wasn’t on the show.