NXT Call Ups

OK who gets called up?

I think:
Andre Cien Almas
Iconic Duo
Ember Moon
Velveteen Dream
Authors Of Pain

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Those would all seem possible (very).

I’d leave Dream down for awhile. Love him, just think he could use a few more singles matches on PPV.

Man, I was hoping that Emma would (lead) join Iconic. They’d have the Aussie thing gong on and would have been a great trio (and Emma could no doubt help with the wrestling and Iconic could help Emma with the character end!)

It does seem like every Mania season the call ups are not what we (anyone) would think they would be. For instance I wouldn’t be shocked to see Sullivan kinda out of nowhere.


I think the Authors are well overdue a call up. Almas makes sense as long as it is with Vega. I don’t want them to go crazy with call ups this year as NXT still needs people.

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The Authors of Pain make the most sense. They have done everything they can in NXT and make perfect sense going to Smackdown to feud with the Bludgeon Brothers. SD doesn’t have another “monster” type tag team for them to feud with.

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Before the call ups, they need to “endeavour” a few people :

Dana Brooke
Alicia Fox
R Truth (even though he’s one of Vince’s best friends)
Zack Ryder

among others

I really really think their roster is too crowded.

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Depending on where they’re going with the Braun Strowman thing, Authors of Pain would be a good team to take the titles off of him. Not sure what other team can believably lay a beating on Braun with how they’ve built him up.

Personally, unless they actually have a plan for whoever they want to call up, then i would say don’t call anybody up until the superstar shakeup. Every year after mania, they call up a selected group of NXT wrestlers just because they know they will get a huge reaction on those show, they don’t have plans for them or in certain cases they called them up because they’ve been in the developmental system for to long and it’s great for the shows after mania but after that, for the most part, they tend to forget about those guys mostly because they’re not as over in a normal settings as they were the week.

Plus another thing is, since your doing the superstar shakeup soon and the rumor is that they are going to be calling up some NXT guys through this one and maybe even sending some of the main roster guys down to NXT, then why have anybody call up this week except if they have a plan.

Like, i could see the authors of pain or Sanity getting called up to feud with the bludgeon brothers or Ember moon coming in tonight to start a feud with Asuka. But outside of that, i would wait until the shakeup to bring anybody up.

I thought it may be a good time to re-start this thread. Who right now needs to get called up and what would you do with them?

I would start with Gargano and Ciampa need to leave NXT. It felt so stale to see them both lose at ‘In Your House’. I would bring them up separately on Raw or Smackdown and tease them feuding with someone only to join forces by the end of the show and recreate DIY. May seem silly but loads of fans haven’t seen them as a team - therers money to be made and you can run to a singles match in 2 years time at Wrestlemania 2022.

I think it’s time for Velveteen Dream to come up work towards the Intercontinental championship and hold it for 12 months and make it matter again.

I’m not sure I’d bring him up today but Pete Dunne would be my final choice. I think he has huge potential but I think he could do more in NXT for now.

Problem is, they already visited one of Vince McMahon’s shows and didn’t get any love. True, Ciampa was injured. Still, what would McMahon do with Gargano but have him chase the 24/7 belt?

The NXT regulars who could find a place on Raw or Smackdown are Keith Lee, Rhea, and maybe Dream.

You’re right but I think for these conversations we have to pretend Vince doesn’t exist or it’s all pointless.
Then again watching In Your House they’re getting killed in NXT now and its a matter of time before they are ruined if they don’t move.
We can only hope that in 6 months Vince realises what he has but in reality they will be offered awful gimmicks like The Revival were.
Depressing isn’t it…maybe everyone could just join AEW and be done with it

The issue with Gargano and Ciampa is size especially for Gargano. I just see him in a tag team with Chad Gable as the Shorty Gs. It is why I kind of wish Raw and Smackdown had different sized rosters. I cannot picture Gargano V Strowman being anything other than a terrible squash.

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Losing my post virginity here as a new Patron, so be gentle with me. I totally agree that Gargano and Ciampa should, in an ideal world be moved up. They’ve accomplished all they can in NXT. Just in terms of refreshing their opponents it would be the right move.

But it’s clear if they did get moved to either Raw or Smackdown, they wouldn’t be at the top of the card and more importantly wouldn’t be given the time or the platform to create great story’s and matches like they have done in NXT. Main roster just doesn’t have the patience for that type of thing.

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That Finn Balor kid turns 39 next month. I think they should give him a shot on the main roster

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It’s something I bring up every few months in one way or another…

What is the point of NXT at this time?

Create stars for the main roster? Not many have been created…

A third brand that stands next to Raw and Smackdown, that was set up a compete head to head with AEW on national cable?? Hasn’t beat the competition in more than a handful of cases, and looks like a small time operation when compared.

Other than trying to keep as much talent as possible under the WWE umbrella, what is the point of NXT?

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Call Ups

Velveteen Dream
Rhea Ripley
Tommaso Ciampa

Have Blackheart/Nox won the tag titles when Boss N Hug eventually explode.

Don’t need to add to the bowl of disaster that is the tag division. Those are the only real moves they need to be laid my opinion in addition to Riddle & Dijak.

Since Mania season they’ve “called up” - Angel Garza, Austin Theory, Riddick Moss, Shane Thorne, Brendan Vink, Shayna Baszler, Drew Gulak and The Forgotten Sons.

NXT talent is used as fans or jobbers on Raw and Smackdown. Matt Riddle and Dijak are also being rumoured for call ups.

There’s just no plan

Has there been a plan for 90% of the main roster?

I mean not saying they’ve done great but some of those were prior to mania I mean Gulak was “called up” a long time ago to 205 live.

Could be right. Isn’t 205 live just basically a division on NXT? I’ve honestly never watched the show. Zero point to it

It wasn’t when Gulak was originally on it. It would have been more accurate to say it was a division of smackdown. I mean he was in matches on RAW in 2017, routinely on kickoff shows (as cruiserweight wrestlers were want to be). So I would hardly call him a call up.