NXT moving to the CW

Makes a world of sense. The history is built-in since Smackdown did air there for a while.

Unless I missed it, I don’t think they announced which day of the week it will air on. Would it stick to Tuesdays or should it be on another night if it was up to you. Personally with my schedule I would rather see it switch to Thursdays.

I imagine they’re waiting to see what days Raw and Smackdown land on.

Does it?

It’ll be close to 15 years since SmackDown last aired on CW. That’s a lifetime ago in TV.

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Did it even air on CW? Or was it before the merge when it was UPN? I feel like it started on UPN and then CW cancelled it. You’re right, it was very long ago lol

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I had to look it up. Went from UPN to CW.

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I don’t watch NXT often, but if it went to Thursday I’d never watch again lol TNA Impact comes first for me!

Ok that makes sense….it was only really on CW for a cup of coffee before they cancelled it. Ya so you’re right, it really isn’t a deep part of their history.

As highlighted in the press release on this news, the CW is a very different channel these days, focusing more on sports and imported shows, under different ownership than it was when there were half a dozen DC superhero shows (and Riverdale). In my area - Philadelphia, PA, by way of southern New Jersey - what used to be the CW affiliate has returned to becoming an independent station, and what used to be the MyNetworkTV affiliate is the new CW affiliate in the area.

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Since new owners took over the CW has been investing heavily in new programming & NXT seemed to fit their new goals They already have ACC football

I will say, this move does really surprise me. I never saw NXT getting on network TV. I thought the ceiling for it was cable.

If NXT is truly developmental as Triple H once referred to it in that Helwani interview, it would technically be strange for it air anywhere beyond the WWE Network/Peacock. But it’s all about making money and building buzz (running Barclay’s Center and such), so whatever.

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Who knows which way this goes.

CW seems to be putting its stake live sports programming - as they get away from scripted. That said, most of their programming doesn’t rank very high - despite it being network (most shows seem to be garnering under 400K a week).

It’ll be interesting to see what the Network’s expectations are. Will it be a hit? Or does it go the same way as Superstars on WGN, which felt like a big deal at the time.

I think its both. Its definitely developmental, but if they can make money off of it, they will. If it begins to become a hit, wouldn’t surprise me if it goes the way of a stand alone third brand and Level Up becomes the new developmental.

Its all semantics anyways. As fans we can put labels on it, but WWE is going to do whatever makes them the most money.


It’s developmental because it’s preparing wrestlers to appear on WWE proper by introducing them to the audience and creating the characters they will be. But it’s not hip toss class. It’s where Prince Devitt becomes WWE trademarked Finn Balor.

I know there’s a “wrestling school” element to the PC, but referring to the actual NXT brand as developmental is at least 75% marketing vs. 25% reality.

My point stands. A lot has changed in the last decade and a half.