NXT Stand & Deliver: Dolph Ziggler retains, Grimes wins, MSK regain titles, Triple H appears

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NXT Stand & Deliver

April 2nd, 2022

By: John Siino

American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX

Commentary: Vic Joseph & Wade Barrett

Kickoff Show

McKenzie Mitchell, Beth Phoenix & Sam Roberts host the kickoff show as fans are just starting to get in the building, with Kayla Braxton and Peter Rosenberg cutting in with match previews.

We see a promo from Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams at the top of the Reunion Tower in Dallas looking down on the city.

Malcolm Bivens joins the kickoff panel to hype up tonight’s Tag Team Title Match but gets cut off by Edris Enofe and Malik Blade as Blade has a basket made for Mandy Rose before her match tonight. Blade walks into what he thought was Toxic Attraction’s locker room, only for Enofe to reveal it was Imperium’s locker room as we hear screaming coming out of it. Blade comes out and says he is scarred for life as Enofe says April Fools, but Blade says it’s April 2nd.

We get a promo from Legado Del Fantasma where Santos Escobar says he will win the North American Championship for history, legacy, and family.

Former football player Akbar Gbaja-Biamila joins the panel as we get a video where InDex (Dexter Lumis & Indi Hartwell) vs. Dusia (Duke Hudson & Persia Pirotta) where they go shopping for cowboy clothes. They present themselves with the new get-up and tell fans to vote for their choice.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship: Toxic Attraction (Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) (c) vs. Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai

Raquel kicks Jayne off the apron to start the match before dropping Dolin onto the ropes and tagging in Kai who she throws on top of Jayne for a stomp and a two count. Dolin comes back with a roll-up for a two and into a couple crucifix pin attempts. Kai keeps Dolin in the corner, as Raquel tags in, and they hit a double team boot and airplane spin neckbreaker combo as Kai who tagged back in gets a two count. Jayne comes as they keep Kai in their corner with double team moves. Kai is able to kick out and escapes and makes the tag to Raquel who comes in and tries the Chingona Bomb, but Jayne escapes. Raquel knocks her down and hits an elbow off the middle rope for a two. Dakota places Jayne on the ropes and hits a Spider Suplex but Dolin breaks up the pin. Raquel comes in and tries a powerbomb, but Dolin escapes out before getting knocked down with a boot by Kai. Kai and Jayne go for a double boot and both get knocked down. Dolin hits a German Suplex for a two, followed by Jayne with the Toxic Shock on Kai for a two. Wendy Choo shows up and throws orange soda in Dolin’s face distracting Jayne. Kai comes back with a kick in the corner as Raquel comes in and hits the Chingona Bomb on Jayne for the pin and the win.

Winners: Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai by pinfall at 7:54, to become NEW NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions

We get a promo from Cameron Grimes walking through Dallas talking about the upcoming North American Championship match and this being his last chance to win the title as he promised his father.

We go into the main show now.

NXT North American Championship Ladder Match: Carmelo Hayes (c) (w/ Trick Williams) vs. Santos Escobar (w/ Joaquin Wilde, Raul Mendoza & Elektra Lopez) vs. Grayson Walker (w/ Sanga) vs. Solo Sikoa vs. Cameron Grimes

Cameron Grimes comes out with a moon-inspired tron to a big reaction. As the bell rings, Hayes starts talking trash to everybody but Trick helps him escape to the outside where they trip Solo and bring him to the outside. Grimes and Escobar (who’s wearing Ultimate Warrior inspired gear) go at it as Hayes ends up being the only person standing in the ring and tells Trick to go get a ladder, but Hayes turns around and sees Solo who misses a superkick and gets clotheslined to the outside by Escobar. Escobar dropkicks Hayes to the apron and gets pulled to the outside by Grimes. Grimes and Solo take turns kicking Hayes until Escobar and Waller run in and break it up. Waller tells Sanga to get him a ladder, while Escobar gets Mendoza and Wilde to get him one. Escobar and Waller go at it and then dropkick the ladders into the faces of Sanga and LDF on the outside. Waller tells Sanga to get him the bigger ladder on the outside, but Solo goes after Sanga and gets tossed back inside. Grimes kicks Sanga and ducks as Solo goes flying taking out Sanga. Escobar joins with a suicide dive onto Solo, as Hayes and Grimes go at it with Grimes flying over Hayes onto Escobar. Hayes takes out Grimes with a moonsault off the ropes. Waller with the ring to himself quickly gets a ladder and climbs it but Solo stops him and whips Waller into the ladder. Solo jams Waller behind a ladder in the corner, before putting Hayes in between two ladders followed by Escobar as he splashes into all three and the ladders. Solo goes to climb the ladder but Grimes pulls him down as they begin to trade punches. Grimes ducks and sends Solo outside as he starts climbing the ladder and the crowd chants ‘To the moon’, before Hayes stops him. Grimes smacks Hayes with the ladder before Escobar dropkicks him and drives another ladder in between Grimes’ legs, kicks it and stands alone in the ring. Escobar starts climbing the ladder, but Waller stops him with a cutter off the middle of the ladder. Waller goes all the way to the top, but Hayes stops him, gets on Waller’s shoulders and starts climbing himself before Waller stops him. Waller starts climbing as Hayes bounces off the ropes and knocks Waller off with a clothesline. Solo stops Hayes, but Hayes tries the same springboard clothesline and gets superkicked. Solo and Escobar start climbing and trade punches at the top before Escobar hits a vicious-looking sunset powerbomb off the ladder into another ladder. Escobar and Grimes go at it colliding in a double cross body. Trick Williams gets in the ring and sets up a ladder, but Sanga comes in and destroys the ladder. Elektra gets in Sanga’s face, but he gets attacked from behind by Wilde and Mendoza with pieces of the broken ladder, knocking Sanga to the outside. Elektra gets on the ropes and dives onto Waller on the outside. Sanga gets sandwiched between two ladders by Mendoza and Wilde, before they grab another ladder but are taken out by Solo who takes them out with a double Samoan Drop. Solo starts climbing another ladder but Escobar joins him up as Trick comes in and knocks the ladder down with both of them flying to the outside. Trick says his prayers and then starts climbing the ladder showing fear, but Grimes tips the ladder over as Trick goes crashing on everybody on the outside. Hayes stops Grimes and starts climbing the ladder, but Waller joins him up there. Grimes and Solo climb the ladder next to them as Escobar climbs another ladder. All five men are on top reaching for the title before Solo and Grimes go crashing down. Hayes and Escobar go down as Waller goes up for the title but Escobar stops him hitting a hurricanrana off the ladder followed by Solo with a splash on Escobar. Solo starts climbing, but Grimes pulls him down and dodges as Solo goes crashing into the turnbuckle. Grimes hits a Cave In onto Solo on top of the ladder as Hayes joins him on the apron. Grimes and Hayes are both laying on the ladders that are seated between the barricade and the apron as Hayes hits an elbow drop off the ladder onto the ladder, but they move out of the way. Hayes gets to the top of the ladder, but Escobar stops him and hits the Phantom Driver. Grimes comes out of nowhere with a top rope Cave In on Escobar, before running up the ladder and grabbing the title for the win.

Winner: Cameron Grimes at 20:58 to become the NEW NXT North American Champion

Tony D’Angelo (w/ AJ Galante) vs. Tommaso Ciampa

They show D’Angelo and Galante pulling up to the arena in an old-fashioned car and we see a fantastic video package for Ciampa. Ciampa does a tribute to both Triple H and Shawn Michaels in his entrance. Right away D’Angelo tries to escape to the outside and meets Ciampa with stomps as he gets back inside. The crowd starts booing D’Angelo, distracting him as Ciampa puts D’Angelo in the corner and delivers stomps and a running knee. He asks the crowd if they want more and delivers two more, takes D’Angelo to the outside and throws him into the steel steps and takes him out with a running knee before sitting on the apron and gives his clap. Ciampa starts ripping the mat off on the outside, but when he goes back inside, D’Angelo jumps him with kicks and punches. The crowd starts chanting ‘Where’s my pizza?’ as D’Angelo gets Ciampa grounded on the mat. Ciampa runs the ropes and takes D’Angelo down with a clothesline as the crowd gets rowdy. D’Angelo dodges and hits a suplex for a two-count. D’Angelo goes for the Fisherman’s Suplex, but Ciampa reverses and tries the Fairytale Ending, before transitioning out as D’Angelo rolls him up for a two count. Ciampa does one himself before D’Angelo starts yelling that this is his ring and gets chops as a result from Ciampa. Ciampa rips D’Angelo’s shirt off, places him on the top rope and puts D’Angelo on his shoulders, but D’Angelo pushes him off and jumps off getting a dropkick to his face as a result. They start trading strikes until D’Angelo grabs a crowbar, but Ciampa dodges it and as the referee takes it away, D’Angelo hits a low blow followed by a spinning Fisherman’s Suplex for a two count. D’Angelo starts yelling that it was a three count, goes and grabs the crowbar and gets hit with the Willow’s Bell followed by the Fairytale Ending as D’Angelo kicks out. Ciampa puts on a crossface, but D’Angelo is able to grab the ropes. They head outside to the exposed floor where D’Angelo hits a DDT on it. D’Angelo tosses Ciampa back inside and starts talking trash before hitting a kick to the back of the head and getting the pin.

Winner: Tony D’Angelo by pinfall at 13:12

As Ciampa is in the ring he gets a ‘Thank You Ciampa’ chant. As Ciampa is heading to the back, Triple H comes out to a huge reaction and embraces Ciampa. Real emotional moment here.

NXT Tag Team Championship: Imperium (Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel) (c) vs. The Creed Brothers (Brutus Creed & Julius Creed) (w/ Malcolm Bivens & Ivy Nile) vs. MSK (Nash Carter & Wes Lee)

Bivens comes out in his best Doom-era Teddy Long look with ‘Creed Cloth’ towels. Imperium has new music. Brutus, Barthel, and Lee start the match, before Carter tags in and they double team Barthel in the corner. Brutus gets involved but gets kicked into the corner. Aichner tags in before Brutus knocks Carter off the apron and gets knocked down with a shoulder tackle. The Creed Brothers start double-teaming Aichner and Lee, before Aichner sends Julius to the outside. On the outside, Julius tosses Aichner with a belly-to-belly suplex, as inside, Brutus is controlling Carter. MSK takes control and starts double-teaming Brutus and Barthel, as Lee gets a two-count on Barthel. Imperium now takes control as Aichner slams Carter onto the ropes and clotheslines Lee down hard, but Carter breaks up the pin. Lee is able to toss Aichner to the outside as Carter hits a hurricanrana to Barthel off the apron onto Aichner followed by a twisting dive onto Imperium. MSK follows with more top rope dives but only gets two. Julius, Carter, and Aichner all end up on the top rope as they come crashing down onto Barthel and Lee with a superplex. Brutus goes on the top rope and comes crashing down like a cannonball on everybody on the outside. Aichner grabs Brutus up as Barthel knocks him off with an uppercut off the apron. Carter escapes out of the Imperium hitting Barthel with a running hurricanrana as Barthel is on the top rope into Lee who hits a sit-out powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winners: MSK (Nash Carter & Wes Lee) by pinfall at 11:22, to become NEW NXT Tag Team Champions

McKenzie Mitchell gets a word with new North American Champion Cameron Grimes who is emotional and in tears and says now he is more than just a WWE Superstar, he is a WWE Champion.

We go to earlier today where Joe Gacy and Harland are outside in the streets of Dallas and talk about the world coming together, but question why tragedy only unites people and there must be a better way. Gacy says he will unite people and can only hope you freely choose peace so we don’t have to suffer loss or tragedy ever again, but that depends on all of you.

NXT Women’s Championship: Mandy Rose (c) vs. Cora Jade vs. Kay Lee Ray vs. Io Shirai

Cora comes out with the Devotion Skateboarding Company for her entrance. Rose entrance has a podium that Wade Barrett says he let her borrow from his Bad News days, and she has a new title with a white strap. Right away the rest of the women chase Rose to the outside, where she drags Cora out with her and they are met with suicide dives from Ray and Shirai. They all brawl on the outside for a bit, before Ray and Shirai end up alone in the ring and trade pin attempts. Shirai trips Ray in the ropes, but Ray dodges her and Rose drags Shirai to the outside before stopping Ray with a punch. Rose starts talking trash but Cora runs in and starts attacking Rose. Rose comes back with a spinebuster, but Ray breaks up the pin attempt before getting tossed to the outside on top of Shirai. Rose and Cora go at it with Rose hitting a suplex for a two count, before knocking Ray and Shirai off the apron as they are trying to get in. Cora sends Rose to the outside and dives onto her, before getting a dive from Ray herself. Shirai heads to the top rope and takes out Ray with a moonsault. Back inside, Io takes Ray down with a missile dropkick but the three count gets broken up by Rose. All four women go inside and start going at it, trading submissions before it’s just Cora and Rose again. Cora and Ray end up on the apron where Cora takes out Ray with a Destroyer, as Shirai goes after Rose hitting a bridged German Suplex for a two. Rose heads to the top rope, where Shirai joins her and hits a Spanish Fly that Cora is able to break up with a Senton. Rose and Cora go at it, with Cora hitting a Sliced Bread followed by a DDT but Ray breaks up the count. Ray hits the KLR Bomb on Cora, but heads to the top rope where Shirai pushes her off. Shirai goes to the top rope and hits her moonsault but Rose hits her with a running knee for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mandy Rose by pinfall at 13:29, to retain

They re-air the same segment from the kickoff with InDex and Dusia going shopping for cowboy clothes, before going to McKenzie Mitchell with both teams to see who is the winner. InDex wins with 89% as Dusia doubt they could have beat them as they aren’t better than them. Dexter Lumis and Duke Hudson start pushing each other, before Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta start exchanging words and officials break them apart.

Gunther vs. LA Knight

Gunther comes out to the same new music Imperium used before as LA Knight gets a decent reaction. Gunther corners Knight with a chop, but that fires up Knight to come back and stomp Gunther out in the corner, as Gunther escapes to the outside where Knight hits him with a clothesline off the apron. Gunther comes back with a powerbomb on the apron. Back inside, Gunther holds Knight down and delivers strikes and uppercuts, but Knight comes back with a neckbreaker. Gunther stops him with a big boot followed by a Boston Crab. They get back on their feet where Gunther whips Knight hard into the corner. Knight comes back with a back body drop before running into a hard chop. Knight follows that with a suplex, a shoulder block and stomps in the corner as the crowd chants ‘yeah’ with each one. Knight ducks a chop and hits a slam before hitting his signature elbow as the crowd says his name along with him. Knight places Gunther on the top rope, but Gunther chops him down. Knight quickly goes right back up and hits the superplex for a two-count. Gunther blocks the BFT, as they go into a strike exchange, followed by a sleeper hold by Gunther. Knight is able to pick Gunther up and drop him straight down for a two count. Knight heads to the top rope, but Gunther stops him with a chop and hard clothesline followed by a splash off the top rope and a powerbomb for the pin

Winner: Gunther by pinfall at 10:25

NXT Championship: Dolph Ziggler (c) (w/ Robert Roode) vs. Bron Breakker

Breakker’s entrance involves a chainsaw and him cutting through the new NXT 2.0 logo, made out of foam, cutting through the X. Bron loves breaking stuff. During the introductions, Ziggler slaps Breakker in the face, getting him riled up. As the bell rings, Breakker goes right after Ziggler, sending him to the outside. Ziggler stops Breakker as they are heading back inside, as Ziggler flips over in a rough-looking takeover. Breakker takes control, hitting suplexes before Breakker says we are done, but gets his feet held by Roode on the outside. The referee ejects Robert Roode, as Breakker chases him to the back. During this, Ziggler pulls off a turnbuckle pad. Breakker gets back in the ring and hits another suplex, before placing Ziggler on the top rope, but Ziggler escapes out and drops Breakker down with a neckbreaker for a two. The crowd starts chanting ‘Spirit Squad’ as Ziggler holds Breakker down in a chokehold. They tussled for a bit, with Ziggler knocking Breakker off the ropes and digging his knee into Breakker’s throat before putting on a chokehold again. Ziggler goes for his signature neckbreaker, but Breakker breaks away and hits shoulder tackles and an overhead suplex, followed by a tilt-a-whirl sidewalk slam for a two count. Breakker places Ziggler on the top rope and hits a ‘Frankensteiner’ for a two count. Breakker charges into Ziggler and gets a knee to the face, but quickly comes back with a spear for a two count. Breakker grabs Ziggler but gets tossed to the outside, as Breakker comes back inside he gets a running knee by Ziggler for a two count. Ziggler tries to go for a superkick, but Breakker throws him off and hits another spear. Breakker picks Ziggler up and hits his power slam, but Roode runs back and drags Ziggler out of the ring, breaking the count. Roode and Ziggler are standing on the outside, as Breakker breaks them up with a dive, before throwing Roode into the steel steps. As Breakker gets back in the ring, Ziggler hits the Fameasser and the Zig Zag for a two-count. Ziggler goes to the top rope and hits a flying elbow drop for another two-count. Ziggler starts to get the crowd riled up and calls for the superkick, but Breakker is right there to stop him with a clothesline followed by another spear. Breakker picks Ziggler up for a press slam, but Ziggler escapes and pushes Breakker into the exposed turnbuckle and hits a superkick for the pin and the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler by pinfall at 16:14, to retain

Did Waller legit break his arm? Jesus that looked aweful

If Ziggler is going to be the NXT champ, I really wish they just took him off Raw. Its a bad look when he’s jobbing on Raw, then the champ of NXT. Just do what they did with Finn a couple years ago.