Nxt takeover toronto

Hey there fellow postmates,
Me and my brothers want to go to NXT takeover toronto. Is stub hub the only place where we can look for tickets? Or does anyone know any other sites or people to contact?

I’ve already got my tickets :slight_smile:

As of right now they haven’t gone on presale or public sale. So only the guys like me who had an Advance access had tickets and hence the only ones reselling on stubhub

So you should wait until they go on public sale or at least fan club pre sale etc

Ohhh they are not on sale yet…okayy that explains it.
Thanks Alex_Patel

NP. The only stubhub seats are PSL ones so it’s minimal now. Wait until public sale. If you miss out (unlikely - NXT is never an instant sell out) then grab them when more inventory on resale market

Hey will tailgating be legal in Ontario by the time NXT Takeover happens? We can all get smashed in the parking lot before the show.

Is it even illegal?

People who bought a travel package or the 4 ticket pack were able to get Takeover tickets, i would assume single tickets for Takeover, Raw and Smackdown will go on sale in the next few weeks.

Yup you are right that was the only other way. The travel packs are outrageously expensive though!