Omega vs Swann...Flair vs Fujinami 30 years later?

(Just my opinion. I could be and probably am wrong, just throwing it out there. A longer read but thanks if you followed me through)

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”
-Sherlock Holmes

This Omega vs Swann match smells weird.

A historic title vs title match between 2 promotions. If we know anything about Tony Khan it’s that he loves and respects wrestling history. Why would he ignore a huge event moment like this with historical significance?

He wouldn’t, it seems impossible that he would. Unless it’s to lead to something bigger.


March 1991, Tokyo. WCW/NJPW Supershow

WCW Champion Ric Flair vs IWGP Champion Tatsumi Fujinami - title for title

WCW ref Alfonso is assigned to the match. Ref bump, Flair is tossed over the top rope (automatic DQ back then) Flair gets back in the ring and is pinned by Fujinami with the fall counted by a NJPW referee. The belts are given to Fujinami. At the press conference that follows, Flair storms in, grabs the WCW belt and says this doesn’t belong to you as the pin was counted by a NJPW referee. He leaves setting up the main event rematch of Flair vs Fujinami for the WCW title on pay per view at Superbrawl 1 about a month later.


  • Omega doesn’t have a clear title match at the next PPV which is about a month away.

  • AEW referee Aubrey Edwards is the referee assigned to the match in an Impact ring. Why would they announce in advance who the referee is? Breadcrumbs…everywhere.

  • The Flair vs Fujinami match in Japan didn’t get a ton of build. It was seen as a one off special event to be shown later on tv and not many saw the result coming.

  • It is the last real inter-promotional title vs title match I can remember just over 30 years ago almost to the month.

  • The ‘belt collector’ gimmick hasn’t been mentioned by Omega in a long time.


Rich Swann wins the title vs title match in murky fashion. The fall is counted by an Impact referee. This results in the titles being held up/frozen (how awesome would it be to see titles held up again) setting up a title vs title rematch with Omega at Double or Nothing for true Double or Nothing stakes. Swann vs Omega just for the AEW title at Double or Nothing also works with Swann being able to retain the Impact title.

Given the history and the stakes and who is running AEW and Impact, it seems exactly like something they would do.

Then again I’m probably way off. Thanks for reading if you did. Exciting times regardless.

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Swann and IMPACT do not matter enough to wrestling to justify a decision like that, especially with the way they’ve built it. If you’re someone who only watches AEW (and not a hardcore) I don’t see what you would enjoy about that happening.
I’m not tryna be a downer, I just don’t see the logistical upside

All good, Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.

There are just a lot of similarities…Double or Nothing is almost 30 years to the day of Superbrawl 1…Jim Ross on both shows…a pre assigned referee…Tokyo was a month before a PPV… the result seems obvious going in…

Swann and Impact definitely are underneath players for sure. So I don’t know what Omega gains by beating Swann outright. In this scenario they both get something. I don’t know.

Who knows, just a theory. Thanks again for reading.

It’s an interesting theory. I doubt either company wants to see their champion pinned so there will be some kind of shenanigans. This is a better option than a DQ ending and both men retain their belt in a messy finish.

It is interesting for sure and with Tony Khan loving the business as much as he does, I definitely think the idea has been thought about, but I just dont see a scenerio, other than Omega winning. Impact can say that they have gotten Omega appearances and matches, but what can AEW say they have gotten from this so far? Yes, the Good Brothers and Callis are regular characters and I do like that, but I think the real trade off here is Omega winning the title at Rebellion.