Ok. So what’s the payoff going to be to this? It’s been a fantastic build so far. Hope they don’t mess it up.
I’m going for Tucker actually being with Mandy and turning on Otis.

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Yeah Mandy is turning heel on him. I think Christian / Trish / Jericho

What of Sonya Deville?

It’s Jericho / Trish / Christian

Very obvious

Let this be lesson to all of you, don’t stand up your date because you’re insecure. Mandy was waiting in that restaurant forever. And a coworker that happened to see her sitting alone, looking like she’s about to cry, consoled her.
Way to go, Otis. You’re the ass in this situation


How do you know Mandy didn’t show up early? And did Dolph really just “happen” to see her alone. The guy is obviously a creep that was stalking her, to find out where she was going to be.

Just for the record, Mandy roughly waited for 25mn before Otis showed up.

Well, they did have a camera crew set up in the restaurant, it wasn’t a secret where they were. Otis could have at least texted something…but nope, to concerned about himself to think about Mandy’s feelings.

I think if there is one thing, that no matter your opinions on WWE, AEW, Britwres, Jim Cornette or Meltzer, the one thing we can ALL come together to unite and agree is that if you want to decimate any potential good storyline or build, simply add Dolph Ziggler.


Jim Valley did say that Dolph had been chosen to elevate Otis in the ranks and I think he’s very good in this role. I’m not a big Dolph fan but he’s one of the best sellers/bumpers in WWE. He will bump like crazy for Otis and make him look like a threat. Otis is not far from a “Kofi push” from the crowd. Dolph could be one of the triggers.