Paige’s twitch stream

Paige, Renee young, Nattie, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Nia Jax & Alexa Bliss did a twitch stream which was basically a podcast. I believe it was taken down & if you listen to it you’ll know why. It was such a great conversation. No filter whatsoever. They get into some great topics & like I said it’s like they’re talking without a camera. Check it out

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Thank you for that ! Is that the whole thing uncut ?

What was said,I can’t listen to all that,saw Mox walk in and out but couldn’t watch it all.

Yes, I believe it is. No problem.

A lot of swearing, they threw a little bit of shade at Rousey for injuring Bliss but not really much. Wardrobe malfunctions and how the Internet treats them. It just came off like an incredibly honest chat.

I’m following Paige on Twitch cause she wants to do it again now. Good idea I think.

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Adam Cole is now also on twitch. Instant follow.

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