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Is anyone having trouble with new podcasts not showing on the patreon feed for them this week? I currently use pocketcasts for podcasts. The last one I have is rewind a wai from last week. I listened to smackdown and ask a wai on the site this week. Just curious.

Try to update/edit your pledge on Patreon. That’s worked for me in the past when I’ve had issues. They should send you a new link to the feed.

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We often hear of issues at the beginning of the month as Patreon renews each charge. I have heard a few more complaints than usual this month, but most cases seem to be fixed by doing what @Celticy suggested and re-applying your custom URL into your podcast player.

You can find your RSS using these directions:

If you’re still having issues, DM me with your name and account e-mail so I can look into your specific case.

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I believe this worked. Thank you both very much.

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