Paul Levesque shares details on heart issue, announces he will never wrestle again

Originally published at Paul Levesque shares details on heart issue, will never wrestle again

Paul Levesque has announced his in-ring career is over following a heart issue last September.

In a clip that ran on ESPN’s First Take, Levesque spoke at length for the first time on his cardiac event that WWE issued a statement on last year when it occurred.

BREAKING: @TripleH announced his retirement from in-ring competition on @espn @firsttake with @stephenasmith.

— WWE (@WWE) March 25, 2022

Levesque said he contracted pneumonia that caused him to cough up blood and it was discovered that he had fluid in his lungs and around his heart.

It got very scary regarding his ejection fraction rate (percentage of blood pumping from the left ventricle) had lowered to a level of 30 when the normal range is 50-60 and would dip to 12 by the following morning and was seriously concerned about whether he would be okay.

The clip ended with Levesque stating he now has a heart defibrillator in his chest and he will never wrestle again.

The full interview with Stephen A. Smith will air on Stephen A’s World tonight on ESPN+.

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very scary.

An Ejection fraction is a measure of heart function. It’s graded from I (around 60 percent) down to 4 (less than 20). It can concur a prognosis of no more than a few years if it doesn’t recover at that level.

Him having a defibrillator is because the heart function is so low that he can develop arrhythmias that are lethal (MADIT II criteria).

If it doesn’t recover he’s probably looking at a transplant. Hopefully it does.

Either way not wrestling is the only option.