Personal Match of the Year

What’s everyones favorite match of 2017, mine is Omega v Okada 2 at Dominion.

Honorable mentions: New Day vs Usos (Hell in a Cell), Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunn (Takeover Chicago), EVIL vs Okada (G1 CLIMAX)


Ember Moon vs Asuka II at Takeover. Great story, great emotion, turned Ember Moon’s character around, it was a match I was by far the most excited for out of anything that happened this year, and that’s not to say that other things weren’t great, by the way. This was a really solid year for wrestling and there’s so many GREAT contenders from all over the world. Like there’s been years where there’s only a few contenders, but this year I could probably list ten or fifteen without even breaking a sweat (or leaving the WWE bubble)

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From WrestleCon’s Supershow on Mania weekend, the ten man tag with

It was literally the most fun match I’ve ever seen live. Look it up on YouTube if you haven’t seen it.

One that I thought was amazing was on NXT this past summer – Aleister Black vs Kyle O’reilly

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Call me crazy but i loved AJ vs Brock


Outside of the Okada-Omega trilogy, my favourite of the year was Okada-Suzuki in the G1. Absolutely loved the spot where they slap the shit out of each other near the end.


There is something about their chemistry that makes their match so awesome.

And also, Suzuki scares the crap out of me.


The obvious choice is House of Horrors. Orton vs Wyatt!! (non-title)


Okada v Omega I at WK

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I’m going to have to go with Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate at Takeover Chicago.


Bar vs Shield (teeth on a pole match)

Cesaro legendary bad ass forever

Lots of great ones listed. For me off the top of my head: Havoc vs Ospreay loser leaves progress. Such a fun match with great storytelling.

Kazuchika Okada vs. Katsuyori Shibata from Sakura Genesis 2017. It’s a fantastic match but sadly Shibata’s last.

Bate vs Dunne. All day.
That match was incredible.


Okada vs Slex at MCW November Rain

Gotta go with Kushida vs Ospreay BoSJ Final.

A good choice, probably Brock’s best match of the year.

Omega vs. Okada 2
Bate vs. Dunne
Black vs. Velveteen Dream

Are the ones that stand out most to me this year.


Okada/Omega II
British boys at takeover
The Elite vs Flamita, Pentagon jr, Fenix

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Omega and Okada II (The Broadway). But the whole series was great.

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