Plug Your Publications!

I’m sure we have a bevvy of posters on here who create original wrestling-related content, and I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for people to post links to their work.

This also sneakily coincides with the publication of an article that I’ve written for The Indy Corner. It’s the first part of a 4 part series examining the early days of Fight Club:Pro and the West Midlands wrestling scene. Part one covers what the scene looked like in the mid-00’s, before FCP came around and really shook things up. I’d appreciate any and all feedback, cheers!

I would give you positive feedback,however cant reach your website.So no dice.

It works for me!

Link seems to work fine, fella. Thanks for the positive feedback though :slight_smile: Please share across your social media platforms!

Part 2 of my look back on the history of Fight Club:Pro has been published, this time looking back at the Planet Night Club, the venue FCP would call home for several years.

This is my love letter to all those dirty and dark venues that independent wrestling thrives in. The compact and gritty buildings that get you so close to the action that you can practically smell the gaffer tape holding the ring mat together.

I feel like it’s a tremendous improvement on my first article. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.