Poll Does CM Punk go to WWE?

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!
  • No chance, chance in hell!
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The topic of CM Punk going to WWE is being brought up in multiple separate threads so I thought I would ask the question….

Do you think CM Punk appears in WWE in the next 12 months?

And if you do or don’t why? Do you want him to show up in WWE? Do you think it’s a better fit than AEW?

I think he tried to get hired there, and they shot him down

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Voted yes but I wouldn’t put money on it. Once new leadership is in control, if you tell them that one of the biggest draws of the last 20 years is available, they are going to want to make an offer.

Personally, I wouldn’t use him for anything more than a short run that culminates with him putting over a younger star (or whoever is eventually going to beat Reigns). Which doesn’t sound like something that Punk would want.

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I think Punk wants to go in and drop some huge promos. Talking about real wrestling vs PWG ballet etc.

He can face Cody and Seth and Nakamura and build to something with Roman.

But he absolutely shouldn’t be beating Cody or Roman or Seth right now

Punk will go back. He and his fans will justify how he’s not going against his word and principals, as he works for people he railed against for years, and collects some Saudi money.

He’s got no principals. He’s a hypocrite. His shtick is up.

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That HHH in ring segment about him plays differently now doesn’t it



The guy had absolutely every possible concession made for him with AEW - and it was literally nearly tailor made for him. He still found ways to self sabotage and destruct.


Yeah, the whole thing about how he tries to go down like a martyr but in the end, it’s all about what’s important for him. I don’t think the last two years of AEW tells you anything different. He tries to paint himself like a saviour and a martyr, and in the end He’s allowed to take shots at everyone else, but if anyone takes a shot at him, he’ll physically attack them.


I think the poll question should be phrased: Will WWE hire CM Punk. Phil likes money, so, yeah, he’d go to WWE.

WWE won’t hire him. According to what I’ve read as legit WWE wrestler quotes on this forum, you already have well established main eventers - dare I say, locker room leader types - who’ve openly expressed not wanting him there.

And remember, I’m the person here most outside of the noise and internet chatter of active fandom. You are the only wrestling fans I listen to or read.

So, Phil might be happy and willing to go to back to WWE, but it would be into a more corporatized environment than the one he left/was terminated from, but WWE won’t/shouldn’t hire him - they’re better off without him. Like, he had everything and freedom, but wants to go into a far more structured and controlled environment….

Phil Brooks wants to go from being a god of his world - I control and with all the power - to a heavily-featured performer? He wants to go from relative autonomy to being controlled and part of a structured, corporatized, teamwork driven environment? Really?

I told you this man needed a class in logic!

Also, going back to WWE, he’s not going to have an employee contract, meaning he’s paying his own health care and dealing with WWE medical
Again. That went really well the first time, right?

Lol. I get money can easily conquer these points I’ve raised. But TKO’s future HR department should put a stop to that before a contract ever gets offered. He needs to demonstrate a behavioural change to not be a potential walking workplace safety hazard.


LOL at the idea that TKO will have “standards”. If UFC can bring in Connor Mcgregor then CM Punk would be no problem.

Do I think they will bring him back as a week to week performer, no. Do I think he will come in on a Goldberg/Lesnar type of contract…yes.

I replied Yes because I think there is a sliver of a chance it could happen and more importantly I still want to see it.

I’ve wanted to see CM Punk go back to WWE since he left in 2014. As an onscreen presence he has a natural charisma and comfort delivering incredible promos that is still unmatched. And he can still go in the ring. If only he could be less destructive.

And there are reasons why it could work:

  1. Money. CM Punk is a draw. If anything after being fired from AEW he would be an even bigger draw in WWE as everybody tunes in to see what he says. Controversy creates cash is still very true in pro-wrestling.

  2. Limited schedule. It has become the norm in WWE for “legends” to have very limited schedules and only work short stints which would help limit the impact of any backstage antics. Just like Goldberg, Edge, Batista, Undertaker, etc Punk can show up at the Rumble, have 1 PPV match in February and 1 match at WrestleMania and then disappear for 6-9 months.

He could finally have his WrestleMania main event that has been a chip on his shoulder since 2011. CM Punk vs Roman vs Cody at WrestleMania 40 makes a lot of sense.

  1. Scripted promos. Because of WWE’s scripted nature there aren’t going to be any “shots fired” at Punk that aren’t already pre-approved so that he has a comeback ready that puts him over.

  2. Spite. He’s done lots in his career out of spite. And going to WWE to bury AEW on-screen (even if it has to be vague) would certainly be appealing to him.

  3. AJ Lee. AJ didn’t end her run in WWE on bad terms but has been out of the picture likely because of her relationship with Punk. If Punk and WWE are on better terms then she can be given a Hall of Fame induction, a retirement match and a platform for advertising her books and works.

You’re right, that’s just sports in general. Look at the NFL, there is a laundry list of legal issues with players. Compared to players in many leagues, what Punk did is nothing.

And to clarify before this is taken out of context, I am not saying that what Punk did was nothing, I’m saying that within the context of “Will WWE bring Punk back” and comparing this to similar situations in sports in general (ie. UFC/Conner, Ray Lewis/Murder Charge, Michael Vick/Dog Fighting, Joe Mixon/knocking a girl unconscious on camera/pointing a gun at a woman, etc.), that this incident is nothing and hardly something that will end his career.

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I voted yes but not 100% sure it would even be the case. It depends how one thinks of the other and vice versa.

I said “should” not “will.”

I have no doubts you are correct.

He’s obviously going to Impact if anywhere.


You know, while the outcome would still be the same, I wonder how the Ray Lewis thing would be handled in 2023……


That one was a bit unique as if I remember correctly he was acquitted, but I imagine the public backlash would be much greater in 2023 as he went on to be one of the most beloved stars in the NFL after the incident. Media kind of just dropped the story, and there was no social
Media at the time.

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I don’t know - people love Kevin Kelly and he’s a horrible human being.

You almost see, nobody talking about with an evil bastard he is. Even reporters I guess cause they like his work and he’s a nice guy.

Same with Jericho and the MAGA stuff. It’s not covered as much

Endeavor doesn’t like spending money so I would bet no. I think he is done with wrestling. Especially with all the legal stuff coming his way and his age/injury prone body

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