POLL: What's your favorite wrestling show to watch every week currently?

I would like to see what people’s tastebuds on wrestling are like now as we’re approaching the latter part of 2023. Right now, my favorites to watch every week are Dynamite, NXT, and Smackdown. How about yourself? And if you can, please discuss and explain your choice while commenting below!

  • WWE Monday Night Raw
  • WWE Friday Night Smackdown
  • AEW Dynamite
  • AEW Collision
  • AEW Rampage
  • Impact Wrestling
  • ROH on HonorClub
  • NWA Powerrr
  • MLW Fusion
  • I don’t watch any wrestling at this moment
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Amazing how Smackdown is 3rd yet the highest rated by far. Probably more than the top three combined.

This place really doesn’t reflect the general pop.

i only watch nxt as i enjoy sitcoms in general


Popularity is not the question though.

Of course SmackDown is the most widely viewed show, it’s on network TV with not barrier to enter. And for many, I’d venture to say it might be the only wrestling they consume.

I’d say that the opinion here is probably slightly based on way more consumption of various products and shows.

It would be as if making a poll on Lettrboxed for “best film of the year” and wondering why MCU films aren’t in the lead.


We do not represent casual viewers. We are on a specialized forum.


There is also only 15 votes……that’s a small sample size. While I do think dynamite will end up being number 1, statistically speaking it too soon to truly asses anything.

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If you just take the matches/segments that I don’t fast forward through, the answer might actually be Raw. But there are also weeks where I literally don’t even bother to watch Raw because the only thing that looks to be worth watching is a six man tag but I don’t have time for.

If you take that part into account, the answer is probably Dynamite. That’s the show where I am most likely to watch and enjoy multiple matches in a given week… with Collision and Smackdown usually not far behind.

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There was even a poll option for me!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If multiple votes were allowed, I would have voted Collision as well, but I just went with Dynamite.

I also watch Raw more often than not, and NXT, Smackdown and Rampage every week.

There’s also NJPW on AXS.


You gotta be real at times.

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I just can’t believe NXT is at 9% lol seems 9% too high

NXT is doing better this year than last year. I actually enjoy it every week despite the cheesiness. :joy:


I actually considered Raw as there has been a lot of good on Raw lately, at the same time I can’t get past the 3 hours, and there is still too much filler and meaningless matches. I couldn’t watch the entire thing without fast forwarding.

That’s what makes it so good.

That’s impressive. How do you find the time

I’m surprised we have atleast 2 people on here who don’t watch wrestling at all and IMO it’s never been so good.

I’ve got mates who just won’t give AEW a chance. They’re committed to WWE even though they haven’t watched in years.

It’s interesting how wrestling is quite like a club sport. We all have our faves and some take pretty tribal sides.

I wish I had the time to watch more. Id love to watch some NJ and even Impact for nostalgia values. Along with the WWE PPVs that would be awesome. I’ve still not finished All Out for god sakes!!


I can watch them when they air, or shortly after they air in the case of Rampage and Collision.

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I said Dynamite.

Watching it on Wednesday nights works really well for my schedule and it usually is a pretty good show with a good mix of matches and promo segments with character growth.

I did think Collision was really good for its first two months. But it’s harder to watch on a regular basis being on a Saturday night.

The highlights from Raw & Smackdown are always very enjoyable to watch in clips. But it’s never worth it to watch 3 to 5 hours of WWE to find the best parts.

I have friends that tuned in to dynamite but gave up. They thought the in ring action was good but they didn’t really know anyone and didn’t get invested in any storylines

I understand but there isn’t an option for “PPV only”

I don’t usually watch live TV shows. I don’t have the time and it’s too much filler. I’ll watch PPV though