Pollock knows his MMA

From the Wrestling Observer, this years winner for predicting UFC Fights, is John Pollock!

For the full year:

Pollock 57-28 (.671)
Meltzer 56-29 (.659)
Juon 55-30 (.647)
Nason & Sawyer 53-32 (.624)
Sempervive 51-34 (.600)
Lawlor 28-28 (.583)
Bixenspan & Frederick 49-36 (.576)
Brian 44-41 (.518)
Fontaine 43-42 (.506)

Great job Pollock! What’s your secret?

I think in a good way John is dispassionate in his predictions. Its an important skill for oddsmakers too.

When I was getting really into MMA, I really enjoyed John’s MMA Podcast. I was blown away at how he managed to host such a fast moving but lengthy show by himself and convey so much useful information without getting side tracked or getting disorganized in his thoughts.

I’d love for that show to make a return but completely understand why it may not.

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I’d love for a podcast involving MMA to pop up on the free feed or even as a monthly for Patreon.

Love for Wai to get more into MMA to hear his thoughts.

A monthly MMA supershow, covering a month’s worth of news and reviews of relevant shows could be fun.

Rewind An MMA A Wai

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John knows about everything, he’s incredibly good at what he does, minus all the predictions, he gives such detail on everything wrestling and MMA. I don’t know how the hell he does it every week.

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