POLLOCK'S REVIEW: MLW Fusion feat. Singapore Cane match

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2019/01/11/pollocks-review-mlw-fusion-feat-singapore-cane-match/

MLW Fusion (Jan. 11th)

RESULTS: Dragon Lee over Rich Swann in 10:52, Brian Pillman Jr. over Tommy Dreamer in a Singapore Cane match in 9:29, Low Ki over Fred Yehi at 4:27 to retain the MLW title

-Dragon Lee defeated Rich Swann with the Dragon Driver with Swann turning heel at the start of the match with mannerisms towards the crowd. They built up a strong last few minutes, including a reverse ‘rana by Lee followed by a spinning wheel kick by Swann.

-Sami Callihan was hired as a mercenary by Salina de la Renta to take out Tom Lawlor.

-Brian Pillman Jr. defeated Tommy Dreamer with the Dire Promise after a hardcore style match with weapons. They brawled around the floor with Pillman wearing numerous layers to avoid the cane strikes until Dreamer tore his clothes off. It started out as a typical weapons match until Pillman Jr. took over down the stretch, got serious and winning in the end. It was an average match and the audience got into the ECW chants at the beginning.

-Pillman cut a promo before the match and it wasn’t one of his better ones. He plays off Teddy Hart very well and in this one, he was on his own and felt like someone still trying to find their voice and delivery.

-Low Ki defeated Fred Yehi in the main event to retain the title. It was short, but it was the perfect type of match for Low Ki to have several weeks before his big title match with Lawlor. As far as being in the role of world champion, Low Ki is one of the best today and does everything to make the opponent credible before winning. Yehi got numerous hope spots before being hit with the double foot stomp to the back and Low Ki won.

-The show culminated with Callihan searching for Lawlor in the kitchen with a hammer. He entered a room and was jumped by Lawlor, who emerged behind the closed door with the hammer to end the show.

-The show continues to be built around Tom Lawlor’s forthcoming title match at SuperFight. The Low Ki match with Fred Yehi was effective and I had no issue with it being short. I was a bit underwhelmed with the Singapore Cane match as the promos from Dreamer were very strong in the lead-up and the match never reached that next level for a match of that style. Dragon Lee and Rich Swann didn’t go all out but the final minutes were very good with the offensive sequences to close the match. This was another easy-to-watch show.