Positive COVID in WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment is facing a series of positive test results for COVID-19, PWInsider.com can confirm.

Over the weekend, WWE began emailing talents and staff, advising them that there had been a new COVID-19 positive test result, advising them to again get tested for COVID-19. We have since heard that there have been multiple positives coming out of the new round of tests.

What this means for Friday’s scheduled Smackdown taping remains to be seen.

PWInsider.com has reached out to WWE for comment but they have not yet responded. Florida, where WWE’s Performance Center is located, has become the latest massive hotspot for spread of the disease.

Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet was the first to report the positives. PWInsider.com has confirmed that story independently with multiple sources.

Almost like WWE completely ignoring the pandemic was a bad idea…


They are an essential service in Florida, to be fair. There was nothing Vince could have done to prevent this while still fulfilling his essential duties.

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I hope this is a joke.
They didn’t do any testing until two weeks ago! Literally the one thing they could have done to help prevent this, they didn’t do.


They politicked to get that status and no one was FORCING Vince to do live as often as he has. Impact is still airing footage from tapings months ago. The problem with taping ahead (which I think is a good thing) is you cant change your mind or booking as much. Bc Vince cant get his shite together people’s lives are in danger.


I don’t follow Impact so can’t comment on them, but aside from that I agree with every word. If he had a coherent idea about what he wanted his shows to be, Vince could have everyone turn up once or twice over the next few months, and minimise the risk to these guys.

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Can’t wait until 10 years from now when some of these performers do shoe interviews. The amount of crazy shit they’ve gone through and I’ve witnessed could probably be put in the book.

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It would be nice if they were more specific. Are we talking 3? Are we talking 45? Its if its just a couple, I dont think the fact that they are sick is necessarily WWE’s fault, however if its a full out breakout, obviously their safety protocols did not work.

I will say, this was my concern when they began allowing “fans” in. Early on in the pandemic when they had limited personal in the building, this could work. When you begin allowing this many people into the building, testing or no testing, you are asking for problems.

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The smartest guys in the room are Reigns, Zayn and Owens. They knew it was going to be a shit show and good on them for not being a part of it


I wonder if this prompts both WWE and AEW to scrap the stupid “crowds”.

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Another update from PWInsider…

One source believed the positives to be in the “two dozen range” but PWInsider.com has not yet been able to vet that is accurate beyond confirming that there are multiple positives. The positives are said to be across the board - talents, production and staff.


Actually, Impact has taped stuff pretty recently. They’re using Anthem’s production studios in Nashville if I’m not mistaken.