POST INTERVIEW: AEW Champion Jon Moxley

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John Pollock speaks with Jon Moxley about his role in the upcoming film Cagefighter – Worlds Collide and the state of wrestling during the crisis.

The AEW champion stops by POST Wrestling for the first time to chat about the filming of the movie, the fight-style of promotion for the movie, his reaction to the Empty Arena match with Jake Hager, walking out at Sumo Hall last June for the first time, wrestling Toru Yano in the G1, losing out on the chance to wrestle in Ireland for OTT in March, and how he is dealing with the ongoing pandemic.


Jon Moxley plays the role of Randy Stone in the upcoming film Cagefighter – Worlds Collide that will premiere on FITE TV on Saturday, May 16th at 7 pm Eastern for all territories outside of the U.S.

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Mox caught himself in praising Kevin Kelley which kinda sucks it’s not a shot at WWE if you say Kevin put me over in 30 seconds. I found it interesting he didn’t want to do the entrance from the crowd


Yeah, I caught that too… stopped himself before he said anything disparaging