POST INTERVIEW: Emily Pratt talks Speaking Out movement

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John Pollock & Wai Ting are joined by Emily Pratt (freelance writer for FanFyte and Deadlock; formerly of Uproxx) to discuss the Speaking Out movement, responses from wrestling promotions, fan perceptions of accused talent, the media’s handling of the stories, and her thoughts on the return of Hirai Kawato a.k.a. Master Wato to New Japan.

Keep up with Emily via Twitter and check out her catalogue of work here.

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She laughs a lot. I’m going to assume that was just nervous laughter. Understandable.

she made a lot of good points, but I will say I think the reason Summer Wrestling journalists might stay away from the identity politics is because if you say the wrong thing or have the wrong take, there goes your career. That’s not to say that there weren’t journalists we just looked the other way. Hell, sometimes you don’t even have to say the wrong thing but it gets misconstrued that way.

she’s spot on about Osprey and Ryan. Doesn’t seem like it was much of a secret.

It’s scary to hear if a woman outs a predator they have to worry about mark fans try to damage and dox them. She was good and I’m glad this subject isn’t something that just happened one day in June and we all move on. We as fans have to do better

The laughing throughout honestly made me uncomfortable. I get it was probably nerves but still distracted me a lot

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It made me uncomfortable as well. Nervous laughter of course. I’m guessing speaking about this brought back a lot of terrible memories for her.

Yeah I mean I’m sure being a 6 foot four man in this business can still be tough, but you’re right, women have to deal with a whole other set of bullshit in addition to trying to make it.