POST NEWS UPDATE: Evil Uno wants to re-sign with AEW, talks early ideas for The Exalted one

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** Dark Order member Evil Uno chatted with David Penzer on his ‘Sitting Ringside’ podcast to discuss the formation of Dark Order, joining All Elite Wrestling and his journey to AEW. Towards the end of the conversation, Uno expressed his desire to re-sign with AEW and how he would like to coach and/or have an office job there as well.

I don’t envision myself being anywhere else but honestly, I can’t say that without being certain. I really don’t know. When this contract expires, I would love to go back to AEW and re-sign again. I would love to be an AEW-lifer, but as is wrestling, you really don’t know what will happen and this year has been an eye-opener in the sense that from a month to another, I have no idea what my life will be. I’m not even sure — even outside of wrestling, just not taking anything for granted so, if this is my sole run for AEW, I’m gonna take the most advantage of it as I can but I’d love to be here forever, I’d love to wrestle for the next ten years there and I would love to coach afterwards, I would love to have an office job. I’m fully invested in AEW, I think the world of everyone in management there and it’s been great for me, obviously on a financial level but even on a personal level to finally find a place that not only can I make a living from but I’m also genuinely happy working for, which is very rare in wrestling.

Back in March, after months of hype surrounding the reveal of The Exalted One, said character was revealed to be the now-TNT Champion Brodie Lee. There was not a concrete plan regarding who was going to be The Exalted One until a month before the reveal but Evil Uno shared that Matt Hardy and Luther were both considered.

We initially never knew who The Exalted One was gonna be. There was some talks of who potentially could be The Exalted One, but there was nothing on paper. All we knew was that we were gonna drag this out until we had an eventual reveal. Before the reveal, I think it was a month beforehand, if not a little earlier, we had inklings it was gonna be Brodie Lee and honestly we were very happy about it because I’ve known Brodie for over 15 years now. We’ve been good friends and I knew if he came in, he would take care of us and it would work because he’s a man of enormous stature, he’s a man that’s heavily respected and never really got his moments to shine, you know? And so I thought that was really good, but there definitely was some other names that were thrown in the hat as potential ones. I think most of them have kind of come out online but, Matt Hardy was an implied one that at one point was a maybe for about two days and then we decided it wasn’t but we kind of used the mystery and the fact that his contract was expiring and trying to — I was trying to entice people to think that it was him because he seemed like the most obvious subject and so, there was that. I heard Marty Scurll was also a potential but no one had ever discussed it with us. Dr. Luther I know did some interviews and some promos as a potential leader as well when it was just in the infancy and that moved on to be someone else but Brodie Lee was pretty much a concrete choice for the last month before the reveal happened in March.

The Dark Order debuted at Double Or Nothing in 2019 to a flat reaction from fans in attendance. Uno addressed that during the podcast and stated that it had to do with him and Stu Grayson not wrestling consistently in North America for close to six years, but the plan for the group was always to be a cult-like group with a build to their being a higher power revealed.

When I had signed with AEW, we told them about this idea and the idea was that I would essentially have a ton of minions and we would recruit people to join in and they would essentially view me as a higher person so they would elevate us, and so when we started, The Young Bucks are very familiar with our work and they were very excited for us so they gave us a big reveal but we also knew that at the time, we hadn’t been in America in five years. We had changed our characters. It was kinda gonna come out to a whimper, but we were gonna slowly build it up and that’s what happened. When we were shown off in May of 2019 at Double Or Nothing, people weren’t very excited. People just didn’t know who we were because we hadn’t been wrestling in America in over six, seven years at the time, and so, that kind of grew with some discussions with them and we started turning it more into a cult. Trying to explain where do these minions come from, how do these people join our group, why do they join the group and so, it morphed over time and with TV, when you have TV every week, you have so much more opportunities to tell people who your characters are and so over the weeks it became clear that this was a scientology-like cult and eventually, the higher figure was not me. It was someone even above me and we were all doing his bidding and that’s kinda what has led to what we are today.

Evil Uno also discussed how he and Stu Grayson were signed to All Elite Wrestling. Uno stated that it was The Young Bucks who got them noticed by Ring of Honor and they were tied into The Bucks’ ROH contracts as incentives. Uno’s description of it was that if The Young Bucks stayed in ROH, ROH would sign he and Grayson due to their close friendship with Matt and Nick Jackson.

Ring of Honor was doing tours in Northern U.S. and they would have one stop in Canada which was Toronto which was a great market for them, and so, every time they came to Toronto, we would try to get onto that and in Ring of Honor. What ended up happening is that was also the year that their contracts were ending and so we kinda became a portion of their contracts. Like an incentive, you know? Ring of Honor was thinking, ‘Hey, we’ll sign these guys if you stay with us,’ which is really cool because to us it’s like, ‘Oh that’s great. We’ll get to Ring of Honor’ but at the same time, we were in this weird limbo, not knowing what would happen until we knew what The Young Bucks were gonna do and so, we came back again to have another match, this time against S.C.U., Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky and in November, once again we killed it, everyone at Ring of Honor was super happy with it and at the end of the night, The Young Bucks came to us and they said, ‘Hey, we’re not re-signing with Ring of Honor. If anything comes around, we might have something for you, just let us know’ and that’s when they started giving us little hints as to what was coming around. Now at the time, I didn’t fully grasp how big this was gonna be. I didn’t understand. For example, I didn’t know J.R. was involved. I didn’t know Tony Khan personally. I wasn’t a NFL fan so I didn’t know who the owner of the Jaguars was. All I knew was this was a Young Bucks project and that was enough for me to sign on, right? And so, later in the month after our match with SCU, we were offered a contract from Ring of Honor and at the same time, The Young Bucks made their offer and that’s when we started getting inklings of what it could potentially be and officially, we signed in January of 2019 and we were amongst the very first to sign. Our Visa work just takes a lot of time so we couldn’t start until June 2019.

** In the September 3rd News Update, I noted that I reached out to Center Stage in Atlanta because there were tickets on-sale for an NXT show at Center Stage on Thursday, 12/17. The tickets are still on sell but Center Stage has responded to the aforementioned email and reiterated that the event was scheduled prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are currently limited in their options to reseat people and they are considering rescheduling the event to a time period when social distancing is not needed.

Tickets are on sale for WWE through the link below. Because this event was originally scheduled and on sale prior to any need for social distancing and has sold many tickets, we are unfortunately limited in our options to reseat people. We are certainly looking into many options, including rescheduling the event again for an even later date when social distancing rules need not apply. I apologize for not having more concrete information for you at this time, but as soon as we have confirmed plans we will update the event and inform ticket holders accordingly.

** Mandy Rose sat down with The Hashtag Show for an exclusive interview recently. Rose was traded to Monday Night RAW from SmackDown but before that, she wrestled Sonya Deville at SummerSlam to cap off their feud. Days before their match, Sonya Deville’s home was invaded and Mandy was in the home with Sonya. Mandy briefly touched on that during the interview but mainly spoke about how she’s looking forward to a fresh start.

Honestly, I feel like it’s a fresh start. I feel like change is always good. You know, some crazy stuff went on the week of SummerSlam and it was just an insane week so I feel like we both needed some time and I feel like now I can be separate from that. I feel like we finished that whole thing, that whole story and I feel like it’ll be good to go a different path and who knows? I feel like not for nothing, Asuka’s looking like she needs a new opponent, not gonna lie but I mean, they need some new faces over there.

I do love working Asuka though, not gonna lie. So, it’s one thing I’m pretty happy about. Besides the fact that she has the title, she’s one of my favorite people to work with because she’s amazing.

On top of her move to RAW, Mandy is also going to be releasing a skin care line and is hoping to put it out by the end of October.

It’s called Amarose and we’ve been working on it for over — almost a year actually now and I’m really excited about it. I’m gonna have a toner, lifting serum, boosting moisturizer and eye gel. So, hopefully by the end of October, we’ll see. I don’t have a specific date yet but, it’s really exciting so…

Earlier in the interview, Rose was asked about the Absolution group with herself, Paige and Sonya Deville. Rose believes that group was short-lived but reiterated that herself and Deville are still close friends with Paige.

I definitely think it was short-lived, unfortunately of course because of Paige’s injury so I feel like if that didn’t happen, it could’ve lasted a lot longer but of course, we all and she’s been in the business, and she’s always been there, she’s still like that with us today but, I think it could’ve lasted longer obviously. If that didn’t happen then it would’ve been fun but, it led to Fire & Desire and who knows if Sonya and I would’ve had this amazing feud that we just had and lead off to a SummerSlam one-on-one match. Who knows? Maybe that wouldn’t have happened, you know? You never know.”

** TV Insider conducted an interview with Zelina Vega and one of the questions asked of Vega had to do with her thoughts on WWE’s shifted views on third-party outlets such as Twitch and Cameo. Here’s what Zelina had to say:

WWE has always been respectful and encouraging with stuff like that for me. I remember even when I did my cosplay for the Royal Rumble. They thought it was really cool and different. Then Street Fighter tweeted about it. We love working on things like that. We have UpUpDownDown, doing things with Mortal Kombat. They have always been very supportive in that way. I love that I get a chance to do what I do and live my dream, but also I get to live out other dreams like working with Tekken and stuff like that. Never did I think playing Mortal Kombat as a kid that I would be at the Mortal Kombat reveal. It’s definitely a blessing. As much as I’m a fan of them, they’re fans of wrestling and mine. It’s mind-blowing.

Following up on that, Vega was asked how does she stay ring-ready when she has been a manager for the greater portion of her WWE run. Vega says she always tries to stay ready by training at the Performance Center or working with colleagues and while giving that answer, revealed that Amazing Red is her cousin.

To switch my mindset, I knew eventually was going to come. I always try to stay ready. Whether it was training at the Performance Center or training with co-workers behind the scenes if there is a ring. It’s fine-tuning what I knew already. Amazing Red is my cousin, so he kind of started this whole thing with me back when I was 18 years old. Working with that and what I learned from Andrade and now learning from Aleister, it’s a cool combination of all those things. It’s something I think the universe is ready for. Seeing a whole different side of me.

Vega said that when she initially came into WWE, there was no disappointment about being a manager and just saw it as another challenge.

Honestly, no. I saw it as another challenge for me. I had the conversation with Hunter , even Melina. They really helped shape who I became eventually. I didn’t come out being a manager. I learned to be that way. It’s funny when people ask me to make the face I do when Andrade gets hurt. I can’t because it’s my genuine reaction. It’s all real. I genuinely get scared for him. I care about him like a brother, so I think it just adds an extra layer of authenticity to my character.

** In the Fall of 2018, former WWF Tag Team Champion Samu announced that he was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and was awaiting a transplant. To help with the cause, many independent wrestlers helped out and attended/competed on the benefit show for Samu. WWE also allowed their talents to promote and appear at the WXW benefit show for Samu. He recently caught up with Sportskeeda and provided an update on his health:

Good, good. I’m getting fat now because of this COVID. I’m stuck in the house, but I try to keep busy doing stuff in the yard and breaking stuff around the house (laughs). I’m doing a lot better. It’ll be a year come September.

** WARHORSE joined Scrump and Dave Stenken on the PWTCast. The IWTV Champion reflected on his TNT Title match against Cody on AEW Dynamite and discussed some of the criticisms of the match that according to him, did not become too much until Jim Cornette and listeners of Cornette chimed in.

Because they Cornette’s podcast came out and I don’t even have a problem with his podcast. Whatever, he can do whatever he wants. It’s his fans that didn’t have an opinion until he said he said his opinion and then all of a sudden they had an issue with the match that I had and they had been silent the entire time and then like, he didn’t say anything that I didn’t know he was gonna say. I know I’m not that tall, I know that people on f*cking Twitter have no idea what the deal is, why am I on TV, you know what I mean? I know that and he called me Whorehouse in the thing and I’ve been called that before. It’s not even creative. The best thing I took away from that is he liked my elbow drop. But, other than all that sh*t, it’s just weird how nobody was opinionated on it until he gave his opinion on it and then everybody was opinionated.

** STARDOM 5Star GP Special Results (9/22/20) Osaka, Japan
– AZM def. Natsu Sumire
– Konami & Death Yama-San def. Riho & Saya Iida
– Jungle Kyona vs. Himeka goes to a 15-minute time-limit draw
– Oedo Tai (Natsuko Tora, Saki Kashima & Bea Priestley) def. Momo Watanabe, Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani
Artist Of STARDOM Championship: Giulia, Syuri & Maika (c) def. Mayu Iwatani, Tam Nakano & Starlight Kid

** In a new SEC filing, it was revealed that Stephanie McMahon sold $2 million dollars worth of WWE stock on 9/21.

** WWE announced that they’ve won several awards at the Cablefax FAXIES.

** Jonathan Gresham was the latest guest on the ROHStrong podcast. Gresham explained the correlation between ‘The Foundation’ idea that he’s introducing and the LifeBlood faction. Gresham expressed that he feels like LifeBlood was initially an idea of his because of their first promo which according to Gresham, was a promo he cut backstage and it was repeated in the group’s debut segment verbatim.

I’m gonna say this because I feel that this is something that actually happened and I was actually kind of pissed off about it, and at this point I don’t care. I stopped caring about it a long time ago. But the LifeBlood gimmick, in my mind was exactly what I was trying to do and I remember cutting a promo that never got produced in the back and they were like, ‘Wow, that was good’ and I was like, ‘Thanks. Yeah, that’s what I really feel’ and then all of a sudden, it never got produced, and the next thing I know, couple of months later, they have LifeBlood pretty much saying, verbatim, what I was saying and I was really upset because that was my voice, that was my message and I feel like it was given to someone else and well, The Foundation thing I kept trying to push because I kept trying to do stuff so I got tired of it and I started cutting my own stuff and I got with Kenny Johnson. He did a lot of stuff with EVOLVE. He did tremendous work with those guys so I said, ‘I gotta get this guy to help me with my stuff’ and he and I hook up and film my vignettes and I wrote my own script and he gave his ideas and stuff that helped out a lot with a lot of the visuals and stuff, but yeah, it was all my idea man. I’ve been sitting on it for a few years and I just got tired of waiting for someone to allow me to do it so I just started doing it myself. I actually told myself, Ring of Honor doesn’t pick it up, I’ll just start doing it on the indies because I believe in this. It’s something that to me is real.

** According to Law 360, WWE executives urged a Connecticut federal judge not to convert their Derivative lawsuit back to state court. The shareholder lawsuit alleges that WWE lied about their business dealings with Saudi Arabia.

** GQ Magazine has a feature story up about Drew McIntyre. The outlet talked to McIntyre at various points on the lead-up to his match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 and those conversations are documented in the article.

** Arn Anderson and Conrad Thompson covered the 2010 WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view for the newest episode of the ARN podcast. Around the time of that show, Serena Deeb, now-AEW talent was released from WWE. There was never a concrete answer as to why Deeb was let go from the company but the story floats around that there was an issue with alcohol while she was portraying the straight-edge character on TV. Here’s what Arn recounted about Serena’s departure:

And I didn’t know either. There was a rumor that something happened in LA, some episode involved alcohol and if you’ve got a straight-edged gimmick, there’s really no gray area there, you know what I’m saying? It’s either or. It’s not, ‘Well I’ll just have a couple occasionally’ and that was one of the times that they put their foot down and said, ‘You can’t be straight-edge and not be straight-edge so,’ but my dealings with her, whether she was a tremendous talent, very coachable, nice person. She just made a mistake.

** Benjamin Carter spoke with Wrestling Inc. ahead of his AEW Dynamite debut on the Late Night Dynamite special following the NBA Playoffs tonight. Carter shared that when he initially saw the match graphic, he thought it was a mistake as he regularly wrestles on AEW Dark.

I remember walking up to the thing expecting to be like, ‘OK Ben Carter, Dark against this person’ and then it was like, ‘vs. Scorpio Sky’ and it said like, ‘TV Special.’ I was like, ‘What? Is this a mistake like what’s going on?’ I just think that’s crazy. I’m glad that they have the faith in me to go out there on national television and put on a show, which I fully intend on doing.

Literally, words can’t describe how cool that is, just the prospect of it airing right after the NBA playoffs. Jericho Jim Ross are going to be on commentary. I’m freaking out but in a good way. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. I’m just as shocked as anyone to be honest.

** Pro Wrestling NOAH ‘N-1 Victory 2020’ Results (9/22/20) Korakuen Hall
– Manabu Soya & Yoshiki Inamura def. Kinya Okada & Mohammed Yone
N-1 Victory 2020 Block B: Kenou
N-1 Victory 2020 Block A: Masa Kitamiya
– Stinger (HAYATA, Kotaro Suzuki & Yoshinari Ogawa) def. Hao, Nio & Tadasuke
N-1 Victory 2020 Block A: Go Shiozaki
N-1 Victory 2020 Block B: Naomichi Marufuji – Time Limit Draw

** Matt Hardy put a video up on Twitter to further address his health and the support that he’s received since his fall at All Out. Matt also shared that he plans to appear on AEW Dynamite this week.

** Daily Star ran their interview with WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy. Hardy talked about what he plans to do in professional wrestling once the in-ring portion of his career is over.

Hopefully, at the point where I can’t wrestle anymore, there might be a creative place for me because I do love pro wrestling and I’m interested in everything that’s going on. I still don’t feel like I’m a trainer, a coach or a leader. I just feel like somebody who would never really be seen but has these unique ideas that might be cool for a show or a storyline. One thing I’ve always said, and I still feel this way, is that as far as training other pro wrestlers, or people who want to be pro wrestlers, if my two daughters ever want to wrestle and they’re serious about it, that’s when I’ll get a ring and a building, and get my training boots on. Other than that, I don’t know what it is… I’m so heavily involved in my music now; I’ve been writing a lot and trying to improve as it’s such an intimidating industry. I’m involved in that and other artwork as well, I do a lot of painting and stuff. I love all of that. But I don’t think like I’ll ever be a wrestling trainer, an agent, a coach or anything like that.

Hardy also spoke highly of WWE’s women’s division. He stated that it has been great to witness the growth of the division in WWE and added that the idea of his daughters wanting to wrestle sounds like a good one to him.

It’s amazing, it’s like I saw it coming! Seeing those tag titles and thinking of the first time my brother and I won them, it was just so inspiring to me. The all-women’s pay-per-view Evolution was a thing and the women are tearing it up just as much as the dudes are. It’s awesome, man… if my daughters ever wanted to wrestle, just the idea of the Hardy Girlz sounds amazing. Who knows what the future holds? But I am in love with the women’s tag team titles – that’s an awesome thing.

** News Channel 8 has a feature story up about Titus O’Neil and his contributions to the youth of a Hillsborough County, Florida school.

** Joey Janela is taking on Ricky Morton at Spring Break in October.

** Damian Abraham welcomed WWE Performance Center coach Robbie Brookside onto the Turned Out A Punk podcast. Brookside talked about his daughter Xia Brookside who currently wrestles for NXT UK and how she does not get a pass in wrestling just because she is his daughter.

Obviously my daughter’s involved. She wrestles for NXT UK in England and she fights her own battle… she has to do that. That’s the way. She’s not gonna get any get out of jail card from me. If she does something good, well done, do it again. If she does something bad, well I’m not gonna go, ‘Oh she’s my daughter…’

** Shotzi Blackheart was tagged in a tweet that read that she had been released from WWE. The account had “WWE” as its main name with a emoji beside it which appeared to look like a verified account if looked at in passing. Shotzi noted that the tweet scared her.

** Patches Chance of Daily DDT interviewed former IMPACT X Division Champion Chris Bey. Bey discussed wanting to do intergender wrestling in IMPACT and listed off several names he’d like to share the ring with.

I love intergender wrestling myself, and we have so many talented Knockouts that I could easily say I’d love to see them all here. Taya Valkyrie herself is the longest reigning Knockouts Champion, so for her to come in, that would be pretty crazy. Jordynne Grace is pretty impressive, pretty strong. I know she could probably handle her own in this division. Kylie Rae, I would love to wrestle Kylie Rae. She has proven how much of a talented performer she is all across the board. The three of those come to mind off the top.

** WWE is creating a new line of wines. The Undertaker and Ultimate Warrior-themed bottles are available to pre-order.

** WWE Champion Drew McIntyre chatted with Mike Johnson of PWInsider. Drew talked about the drones that are flying around the WWE ThunderDome and stated that he told producers that if they get too close, he’ll grab one and start using it.

No, one got close enough to me and I warned the crew, like if you fly that close enough to me, I’m going to grab it and I’m going to use it as a weapon, and I was half joking but I’m not joking because like I said, I do whatever I feel when I’m out there. Last week with In Your Face Raw, I walked out with a camera in my face and I could not help myself because I heard so many times, ‘In your face!’ I looked in the camera and went, ‘In your face!’ I do whatever feels right and at least people I hope can see that I’m having fun and they’re having fun with me, but if this Ambulance Match happens, be it with Randy Orton or Keith Lee, if a drone gets close enough to me I’m going grab that thing and bash them over the face .

** Coming to the WWE Network on 9/25 is a new episode of WWE: The Day Of based around the Payback event that took place on August 30th.

** Below is the newest episode of AEW Dark:


** MLW National Openweight Champion Hammerstone was interviewed by Wrestling Inc. MLW is preparing for their restart and their move to Wednesday nights alongside AEW and NXT. Hammerstone talked about the shift to Wednesdays and how the MLW product might be able to stand out on that night.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how things pan out. I do feel, honestly, like we are a little bit of an alternative, just in the sense that Court’s kind of always had this attitude that he has a certain vision that he wants to display, and when people don’t like it, he doesn’t try like smooth out all the edges and make it a cookie-cutter thing that people are going to like. He says, ‘Hey it has these edges, and if you don’t like them, then our product is not for you,’ and like that’s the thing I love most about him and the company is that we live in a time where, obviously, times are changing. There are certain things that you have to be cognizant of as far as things that flew 20 years ago, don’t fly today.

I completely understand that, but at the same time, there are people who take that to the extreme. There are people who try to overly criticize everything, and sometimes, it almost feels like people want to just test and see if their complaint can get validated by having people alter the path to suit what they’re complaining about. That’s not to say we have some brash, offensive programming.

It’s not like that in any way, but it does have a different feel to it, and I’m excited to kind of, like you said, join the fray because I do feel like we have something a little bit different and coming back, I think Court wants to capitalize that. And not only that, I think all the boys are very hungry to jump in and say we’re just as good as anyone else. We got just as good wrestlers. So I’m really excited to see how is dust settled when it’s all said and done.

When Hammerstone was asked if he feels MLW will be lost on that night, he isn’t necessarily worried about it because of the many outlets that people will be able to watch the program on and added that it doesn’t matter if people watch on Wednesday or catch it on Saturday.

You know, honestly, I don’t necessarily see it as a positive or a negative. I think it’s just, it is what it is because although that’s the night that we’re airing, MLW has also done what we can to capitalize on many different streaming platforms. So, for whoever isn’t watching on Wednesday night, they might be watching it on Saturday morning. All in all, the views are still going to get in. There’s going to be people who find what time is convenient for them to watch it, and I think the people who want to see the program are going to see the program. I can speak for myself, there’s almost no show that I’ve ever watched live. I find where it pops up on whatever platform is convenient for me because my life’s crazy and very all over the place.

So I think at the end of the day, it’s all going to bounce out, and we’re going to get the viewers we’re going to get, but it is going to be interesting to see how it plays out as far as on that particular night.

** Kylie Rae vs. Killer Kelly is set for Black Label Pro’s ‘Threat Level Noon’ show on 10/11.

** The Miz was one of the first guests on the ‘Uncool with Alexa Bliss’ podcast. Miz told the story of when he had his first freeze-up moment on WWE television and Vince McMahon giving him some words of advice after that moment.

When that happens, you get this kind of knot in your stomach, you get a panic, you get a cold sweat going and I never felt that before in my life and when that happened, I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is what –’ I froze and I couldn’t think of anything to get out of the — everything just went white and I was like, ‘Oh my God’ and thank God that the producers played someone else’s music because I was like, ‘I’m gone, I have nowhere else to go.’ Couldn’t do anything. It was the most embarrassing thing and I’ll never forget, I went back to Vince and I said, ‘That will never happen again. I’m so sorry’ and he goes, ‘No, I know it’ll never happen again. You’ll work on it’ and I worked and I worked and I worked and sometimes I still get those moments of, ‘Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. I don’t know, I don’t know…’ but then it just ends up happening.

** Here’s the official lineup for Eddie Kingston’s ‘Grindhouse’ that’s streaming on WWNLive and FITE:

– Fred Yehi vs. Anthony Henry
– JD Drake vs. Jon Davis
– Thomas Shire vs. Jeremy Wyatt
– Savannah Evans vs. Allie Recks
– Sean Maluta vs. Kody Lane
Four Way Elimination Match: Joseph Black vs. Davey Vega vs. Troy Hollywood vs. Ariel Dominguez

** PWInsider has an interview with IMPACT World Champion Eric Young.

** Zelina Vega chatted with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated ahead of the 9/21 episode of Monday Night RAW. Zelina reflected on 9/11 and losing her father in the tragedy:

That day felt like such an out-of-body experience. We were so passionate about wrestling, it’s something we enjoyed as far back as I can remember. He was a wrestler in high school, and I still have his wrestling trophies. I still look at those, and they still inspire me. I’m doing this for me, and I’m also doing this for him.

When I was an extra in WWE six years ago, I remember telling The Rock about my father and how we had so many memories watching him on TV. A few years later, Dwayne took his daughter to the World Trade Center Memorial and found my father’s name. That meant a lot to me and my entire family.

** Gloucester Daily Times published an article about the New England Pro Wrestling Academy and how the school’s owner Kevin Bowe has been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

** Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Simon Grimm were announced for Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport in October.

** Daily DDT conducted an interview with Tenille Dashwood. Dashwood said that she’s excited about potentially working with Kylie Rae in IMPACT Wrestling.

** Drew McIntyre did a A.M.A. with WWE’s AL AN host Nathalie Mamo.

** Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E did a Q&A for the latest installment of their podcast.

** Here’s the latest upload to the UpUpDownDown YouTube channel:


** Commercial Appeal has a lengthy feature up about Jerry “The King” Lawler.

** chatted with Zelina Vega.

** Finn Balor talked to Sports Illustrated about binging Seinfeld during quarantine.

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