POST NEWS UPDATE: Kyle O'Reilly says it's only a matter of time before Jay White is a top guy in WWE

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** Gorilla Position chatted with Kyle O’Reilly and asked him what talent he would like to see in WWE that the company should bring in. Kyle named former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Jay White as someone he’d like to see in WWE and says it’s only a matter of time before Jay is a top guy in the company.

“Someone that we should get in WWE that’s not here right now? Hmm, that’s a really tough question. A guy I’ve been a fan of for a while and friends with is Jay White. He’s a guy I saw go through the dojo system in Japan and he’s really grown into himself and I think he’s an elite performer and he’s one of the best in the world right now so I think it’s only a matter of time until Jay White is a top guy in WWE in my opinion.”

** Session Moth Martina was a guest on The Joshi Pod and one of the topics that came up during the conversation was the #SpeakingOut movement. Martina explained that it’s very discouraging but she has not lost hope in something she loves.

“Kinda trying to repair everything after that has been tough and obviously it’s emotionally hard having to deal with truths that you didn’t necessarily know in the first place about people and stuff like that but, my main concern is just trying to get everyone back into a safer and better place, trying to get rid of any toxic behavior that happens. None of that, get rid of that and then we can all just have a safe, good time. But yeah, I suppose, obviously hearing stories like that-that have gone on in the last little while has been very — it’s very difficult to kind realize that you’re involved in — without knowing, you’re involved in something like that. You don’t want it to be like that. That’s not what I signed up for. So that sort of stuff is definitely something I don’t like about it and it’s been very discouraging lately but, I don’t wanna give up on something I love because of a few bad apples.”

Martina also spoke about her time in STARDOM. She shared that former multi-time Artist of STARDOM Champion Jungle Kyona is one of the locker room leaders of the company.

“Yeah, she’s definitely, definitely a leader. She’s scary. I’m always scared of her, in-ring only. She’s a firecracker, she’s a beast. But yeah, she’s lovely, she’s very helpful and she’s definitely someone that you would trust leading the locker room, you know what I mean? You can tell she has a lot of people’s trust.”

** Luc C. Vu, the individual responsible for the death of independent wrestler Matt Travis (Matt Palacios) plead guilty last month, per court records obtained by PWInsider. Last month, Vu plead guilty for reckless driving, failure to exercise due care, causing serious injury and failure to yield to a bicyclist. His driver’s license has been suspended for six months and he paid a $250 fine for failing to yield to a bicyclist. He will not be sentenced for the offence unless he commits another crime between now and this time next year. Vu is currently free and has a court appearance scheduled for 12/4.

** WWE added Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini to their Board of Directors. In a statement regarding Erika joining the board, Vince McMahon had the following to say:

“Erika is a seasoned executive with a tremendous track record of building businesses, developing experiences, and engaging different audiences across the media ecosystem. Her entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen and understanding of today’s consumers will serve as a perfect addition to our Board of Directors.”

** Former RAW Tag Team Champion Robert Roode chatted with TV Insider ahead of tonight’s edition of RAW. James Storm revealed in a recent interview with Pro Wrestling Sheet that he was supposed to return to WWE prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Roode was asked for his thoughts about Storm potentially coming into the company and said he has not spoken to James in years.

“That’s above my pay grade. I haven’t talked to James in years. During this time especially, I don’t know what’s going to take place or who is coming in or not. I have to worry about myself. I’m quite happy doing what I’m doing with Dolph and doing my thing.”

Roode discussed his “Glorious” theme song and said it’s a part of his on-screen character and doesn’t ever see it changing.

“I think that song is a part of me and part of the character. I don’t see that ever changing. To be perfectly honest, when Dolph Ziggler and I were tag-teaming, a lot of times my music wouldn’t play. It was Dolph’s music started in NXT, people took to it and loved it. They still do. So it’s up to me to portray the character a certain way. It is what it is. As long as fans are enjoying themselves and are entertained and get involved in what I’m doing, I think that’s all they need to worry about.”

** Before his NXT Championship match at TakeOver, Kyle O’Reilly made the media rounds and one of the outlets he spoke with was Sports Illustrated. O’Reilly discussed his mother’s passing right before an NXT TV taping in 2017, during-which he and Bobby Fish captured the NXT Tag Team Titles.

“It was a really complicated situation with Ring of Honor, but it worked out that I got to spend a good chunk of that year of my year back home with my mom. I didn’t debut in NXT until July, so I spent that time back at home. When I made my debut in NXT, for her to see that, it was really special.

The day she passed away, that was the night Bobby and I won the NXT Tag Titles. She passed away three minutes before the show started. My family said she wanted to see the match, but I know she did.

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without her. I know she’ll be watching, and this match is for her.”

** The latest episode of the Grilling JR podcast was dedicated to the late Yokozuna. During the podcast, Jim Ross reflected on the WrestleMania 14 event where Shawn Michaels dropped the WWF World Heavyweight Title to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Ross revealed that Undertaker was waiting on Shawn Michaels in Gorilla Position in case Michaels did not do business in terms of dropping the title to Austin in the way that it was supposed to be done.

“I’m gonna put it this way, Undertaker stood stoically by the Gorilla Position when Shawn Michaels was wrestling Steve Austin at WrestleMania, 15 I think it was, 14 or 15 and Undertaker was of the belief perhaps and maybe that was influenced by his group, his buddies that maybe Shawn was not gonna do business, and Undertaker was not going to stand by and let that happen, so I don’t know what that would’ve meant. I got a feeling that when Shawn would’ve came back through the curtain if he had screwed Austin, or anybody. Just decided not to do business for the championship, that he’d probably got the sh*t beat out of him, and when Undertaker wanted to beat the sh*t out of you, there’s not a whole lot — here’s the thing: There’s not a lot you could do about it and there isn’t — there’s not a lot of guys that’s gonna influence him or try to interfere, intervene and Shawn didn’t have the backup to match up with Taker and his group, so I don’t know how to explain it other way than that, but Shawn had a way back in that era to — he could piss people off. Legitimately and workwise. He wasn’t in a great spot in his life and he wasn’t in a great spot with his pain medication and things of that nature. He was hurting, business was not great and guys like him would take that personally which was not a bad thing. You’re the guy, you’re the guy so why aren’t we drawing? So, that kind of deal. It wasn’t fair. I’m not saying it was fair but I think there was an issue there that Taker just wanted business to be done as it should be done and protecting the championship.”

Continuing on the topic of Shawn Michaels, Jim Ross recalled what Vince McMahon once told him about Michaels:

“Vince was always entertained by those guys . Vince told me one time that Shawn reminded Vince of Vince, as far as attitude, cocky, arrogant at times…”

** TMZ posted an article with more details concerning the death of Road Warrior Animal (Joseph Laurinaitis).

** Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp has an interview with Ben Carter who has worked with All Elite Wrestling as of late. Carter stated that because of his residential status, he did some of his AEW spots for free.

“It was originally Christopher Daniels that reached out to me on Twitter and e-mail asking, ‘Would you be interested in coming and working a match or two? Just for us to have a look at you.’ I was like, ‘Yes. Totally. 1000%.’ I’m not like a . I talked on the phone with a representative about, ‘We won’t be able to pay you because it’s illegal. Would you be interested in coming to do it for free?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t care about the money. I’ll do it for free any day.’ From there I was like, ‘Sweet, let’s do this.'”

** Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated spoke with Jay White. White opened up about his support for the Black community via his Bullet Club Black Lives Matter shirt, with all the proceeds going to the official Black Lives Matter website.

“Me letting people know I care isn’t the important part, doing the right thing is. The idea came from simply feeling the need to do something to help, no matter how small it is, and the need to do what’s right. It’s not complicated—Black Lives Matter, and the fact that people try to argue that just shows you the injustice and racial issues that we are surrounded by today. That statement, Black Lives Matter, can’t and should never be argued.”

** All Japan Pro Wrestling ‘Champion Carnival’ Results (10/5/20) Korakuen Hall
– Jake Lee, Koji Iwamoto & TAJIRI def. Atsuki Aoyagi, Black Menso-re & Takao Omori
– Osamu Nishimura & Ryuji Hijikata def. Hikaru Sato & Ryuki Honda
– Chikara, Yoshitatsu & Yusuke Okada def. Ishikiri, Ryouji Sai & So Daimonji
– Akira Francesco, Jiro Kuroshio & Rising HAYATO def. Izanagi, Shigehiro Irie & UTAMARO
– Hokuto Omori, Kuma Arashi & Shotaro Ashino def. Dan Tamura, Suwama & Shuji Ishikawa
– Yuma Aoyagi def. Koji Doi
Champion Carnival 2020 Final: Zeus def. Kento Miyahara


** Paul Guzzo of the Tampa Bay Times published a lengthy feature about Gerald Brisco’s career in pro wrestling. On the topic of his release from the sports-entertainment company, Brisco reiterated that he’s okay with it and feels that he caught a break. While discussing some of the matches he helped put together, he reflected on the Stone Cold Steve Austin versus Bret Hart match from WrestleMania 13, as well as the ‘Kennel From Hell’ cage match.

“That one was a mess. But I knew it would be and that is why I took it. I always took the most difficult matches because I felt like my job was safe if it went wrong. I didn’t want someone else to get in trouble.”

** Scott Norton revealed that he underwent a total knee replacement recently.

** Major League Wrestling announced that they’ve inked a multi-platform media rights deal with Sports Channel Network to broadcast their shows in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

** Yahoo! Sports ran their interview with Dominik and Rey Mysterio. During their chat, Rey spoke highly of Seth Rollins and how he’s performed during his on-going feud with Dominik. Rey stated that other than Eddie Guerrero, he couldn’t have chosen a better first working partner for Dominik than Seth.

“We’ve had a great connection working with Seth,” Rey said. “I tip my mask off to him for being able to step in there with my son and be able to do what he has been doing. I would have loved for Eddie to have been around and for him to have given Dominik his first match, but I don’t think I could have picked a better guy than Seth to kickstart Dominik’s career and take this along as long as it has gone.”

Rey also recalled how initially, Dominik was not interested in pursuing pro wrestling. It wasn’t until Dominik was 19 that he asked his father to help train him.

“You have to remember that, at one point, there was no interest in this from him. I kind of lost that hope. When he asked me if I could train him and if I could see if he had the talent to break into this business, that hope came back. He was only 19 years old then, he’s 23 now, and I’m probably the proudest father there is on the planet.”

** According to PWInsider, EFFY is debuting on the United Wrestling Network’s ‘Prime Time Live’ show on 10/6. EFFY will be teaming with NWA World Television Champion Zicky Dice and he’ll be revealed as Zicky’s mystery partner.

** Lance Storm celebrated his 30th year in wrestling with a radio show on F4WOnline. Storm discussed competitiveness in pro wrestling and shared that originally, Marti Belle was supposed to advance in the first Mae Young Classic but during the match, the decision was made to go in favor of Rachel Ellering.

“But the first Mae Young Classic, because this is a case of competing and actually getting the win in the match instead. The first round of the Mae Young Classic where Rachel Ellering worked with Marti Belle, Marti Belle was going to win that match. They had set up the finish and Marti Belle was winning, and right before the finish, I don’t know who it was but it was probably Hunter, made the call that the wrong person is winning based on their performance in the match and switched the finish, and sent word to the ref, it’s like, ‘Tell her to kick out’ and she kicked out of the planned finish and then went on to win.”

** Beyond Wrestling announced their ‘Tournament For Tomorrow’ tourney.

** Patches Chance of Daily DDT has an extensive interview up with EFFY to promote his ‘Big Gay Brunch’ show during The Collective weekend. EFFY detailed how the original idea to have a show in his name came about:

“I think the initial conversation was kind of an offhanded comment. I was kind of joking as a bet. I was talking to the promoter of GCW, and he said, ‘You’ve got all the gay fans on your side,’ and I said, ‘I think I have more than that. I think I have the straight fans who want to be the gay fans on my side. So what if we did a gay wrestling show? Just to see how that plays out?’ He didn’t get back to me for a while on it, and I kinda put it out publicly and was like, alright if somebody’s not gonna do EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch, then I’m gonna do it myself. And he was like, ‘Hold up, hold up, let’s do it.’”

EFFY was also candid about the backlash to the announcement of his show earlier this year before the COVID-19 pandemic. There were multiple violent threats including people threating to either shoot up or bomb the show.

“That whole process was crazy, and I wanna mention what was going on at the time. I was also dealing with a police investigation about people who were making death threats to me. I put out a stupid video that was like, ‘If you’re homophobic at my show, I’m just gonna kill you in the street.’ So I was in a mood, and it stirred up some attention.

We actually got some terrorist threats, is what the police called them, of people saying they were gonna kill me at the show, they were gonna kill anybody at the show, they were gonna shoot up the show, they were gonna bomb the show. And the police took it really seriously, because they were making these threats to the venue. So, during the time COVID’s ramping up, I’m also dealing with calls with the police talking about how we’re gonna be handling our security and how we’re gonna be protecting the area, what we’re gonna do to maintain the safety.

I think with the nature of the event, they were like, ‘This is technically a hate crime,’ because clearly what they were angry about is homosexuals gathering in a public space. Every side of me that doesn’t take anything in this world too seriously is like, ‘Come on, they’re playing on the internet,’ but then I’m getting calls from these officers going, ‘We’ve gotta take your statement on this.’ And I’m like, Jesus Christ. I’ve gotta learn to shut my f**king mouth, but maybe not. Maybe not. Maybe I need to keep being loud. Who knows?”

** Chris Jericho started up another one of his Saturday Night Special streams on Facebook over the weekend. Jericho stated that those who tune into Dynamite can expect a few celebrity cameo appearances over the next few weeks. Last week, Guinness World Record holder Billy Mitchell appeared on the show.

During his live stream, Jericho revealed that he was supposed to work with Mike Tyson at All Out in September but things were not able to be put together in a timely manner.

“Originally, I was supposed to work with suggested a Last Man Standing or something along those lines and I said, ‘That doesn’t fit. I mean this whole thing has been based around Orange and Jericho and it’s been so different, something different.’”

Jericho spoke about an altercation he had with Goldberg in 2003 while backstage at a WWE event. The two men worked with one another in WCW where Jericho made light of Goldberg’s on-screen persona at the time.

“Yeah, we did get in a fight backstage and we actually worked it out and Bill and I had a lot of animosity over the years just because they kind of pit us against each other in WCW and it is what it is and no problems, no issues now. Actually, I think Bill and I have a very good rapport. He’s actually a really cool guy. We got along great in WCW before we got pitted against each other. We went to hockey games and stuff with each other so, nothing but love for Bill.”

The former AEW World Champion shared his thoughts about John Cena. Jericho heaped praise onto Cena and recalled when he convinced Vince McMahon to let him put Cena over at the 2002 Vengeance pay-per-view.

“I love John, I love working with John, I love John as a person. I actually — John’s first pay-per-view match was against me, Chris Jericho, as if you didn’t know that and I remember I called Vince the night before the show and basically told him that me winning was the wrong finish, it should be John. Vince didn’t see anything in him, I’m telling ya. I said, ‘This guy’s got something’ and Vince is like, ‘Fine, put him over if you want’ and that was kind of the beginning of John. So, yeah, I’m a big fan of his… and I’m very excited for all his success in and out of the ring.”

** Here’s the newest Being The Elite episode:


** The second half of season two of Miz & Mrs. is premiering on the USA Network on November 12th.

** Pro Wrestling NOAH ‘N-1 Victory 2020’ Results (10/4/20) Korakuen Hall
N-1 Victory 2020 Block B: Shuhei Taniguchi
N-1 Victory 2020 Block A: Manabu Soya
N-1 Victory 2020 Block A: Masa Kitamiya
N-1 Victory 2020 Block B: Takashi Sugiura
NOAH Junior Rumble: Atsushi Kotoge def. Daisuke Harada and Hajime Ohara and Hao and HAYATA and Junta Miyawaki and Kaz Hayashi and Kotaro Suzuki and Nio and NOSAWA and Seiki Yoshioka and Tadasuke and YO-HEY and Yoshinari Ogawa
N-1 Victory 2020 Block B: Katsuhiko Nakajima
N-1 Victory 2020 Block A: Kaito Kiyomiya

** Nikki Cross joined Cybersmile as an official ambassador.

** ‘Metro’ released their interview with Dominik Mysterio. Dominik recalled working with Eddie Guerrero in 2005 as a part of the custody storyline. Dominik said that children and teachers at his school legitimately questioned who his real father is.

“For me, it was harder to have to explain to the kids at school who my dad was. I think that was the most challenging part. Oh yeah, 100% people were coming up to me asking me – even teachers, they were like, ‘Who’s your father, Dominik?’ I’d be like, ‘Well it’s Rey Mysterio, this guy right here, Oscar.’ It was crazy.”

** WWE provided the following update on Finn Balor and Kyle O’Reilly following TakeOver 31:

We have learned that @KORcombat has several broken teeth and #NXTChampion @FinnBalor is being evaluated for potential facial fractures after their grueling #NXTChampionship Match at #NXTTakeOver 31.

** John Morrison chatted with FOX 2 Detroit about the forthcoming WWE Draft.

** TNT Extreme Wrestling announced that they will not be able to run their three shows over Halloween weekend as planned. The promotion added in their statement that the shows will happen at some point later down the line.

** Steel Chair Magazine conducted an interview with Tenille Dashwood. During their chat, Dashwood further spoke about her decision to sign exclusively with IMPACT Wrestling.

“It’s pretty clear that Impact Wrestling, with the times right now, they’ve made some huge moves and big signings, and it’s literally the show to watch right now and mainly because of me, I’m on the show. People would be silly not to tune in. I get messages literally every day, ‘Come wrestle here, why don’t you wrestle here anymore, why don’t you do this, why don’t you do that?’ Why don’t you just watch Impact Wrestling? You get to see me, and they get to see me do my thing, that would be the smart move for everyone. The show is just killing it right now, so why wouldn’t you watch?

There were many reasons why I signed a contract with Impact Wrestling. The women’s division is literally on fire, they make some big moves, smart moves, as far as the wrestling industry goes. I still plan to improve and enjoy wrestling. The Impact management made it very clear how important I was for their company, and it is so nice to be appreciated, respected, valued and that when it comes down to it, I want to work in a place with good people who have creative freedom who are happy and positive about what they’re doing and, in turn, deliver a good show.

The schedule suits me great because I’m able to do a lot more of my social media, my travels and my photoshoots, and all of those things that I love doing. It gives me a way better schedule for all of that and a positive mindset to be happy about what I’m doing and enjoy it and enjoy the people I’m working with.”

While she’s with IMPACT, one of her bucket list matches is to work with the company’s Hall Of Famer Gail Kim.

“If I could bring back someone from the past, I would have loved to wrestle Gail Kim. Unfortunately, I don’t know if that will ever happen, but if I get my way, maybe it will, and I do get my way quite often, so I might work on that actually.”

** Pro wrestler T-Ronn Hicks who wrestled under the name “Simply Badd” was profiled by The Cross Timbers Gazette for his work to help combat bullying. Hicks is affiliated with WWE’s ‘Be A Star’ anti-bullying program.

** Here’s a video of Ronda Rousey playing WWE Battlegrounds:


** The duos that will be competing in All Japan Pro Wrestling’s tag league tournament will be announced on October 10th via the All Japan YouTube channel.

** New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E & Xavier Woods) hosted a Q&A for the latest edition of their podcast.

** VxS ‘Legends Never Die’ Results (10/4/20) Williamstown, New Jersey
– JTG def. Tony Deppen
– Calvin Tankman def. Daniel Garcia by referee’s decision.
Three Way Match: Eli Everfly def. Smiley and TJ Crawford
– Brian Cage def. Lio Rush
Fatal Four Way Match: Brian Pillman Jr. def. Dyln McKay, KC Navarro and MV Young
– Jordan Oliver def. 2 Cold Scorpio
– Homicide def. Matt Tremont
– Jimmy Lloyd def. Sabu

** PWInsider provided an update on the Jeff Jarrett/Anthem Wrestling case. Jarrett and Global Wrestling Entertainment filed a motion on 10/2, noting that they do not believe that the parties involved in this case will not come to a settlement, which puts them back where they originally started.

** Angelina Love was a guest on the ROHStrong podcast.

** The VOC Nation Radio Network welcomed Allison Danger onto their podcast. Allison talked about starting her career in wrestling and receiving the blessing from her brother, former ROH World Tag Team Champion Steve Corino.

“He goes, ‘What do you think?’ And I’m like, I loved it. He goes, ‘Are you going to do more?’ And I’m like, that depends on you. If you are OK with me doing this, I’d like to pursue it; but if you say (no) this is my thing, I’m gonna say this is a one time thing and I’m going to walk away out of respect for my brother. He looks at me and goes, ‘You have to join the school this week. I expect you to be at class, I expect you to do ring crew, don’t think you’re gonna have it easy.’ And I’m like yes sir (and) I started… I wasn’t allowed to be a weekend warrior, if I was going to do it I had to give 100%. 20 years later here I am, still doing rasslin.”

Allison discussed the initial feedback she got from soon-to-be male wrestlers about training under a woman. Allison was candid about some of the reactions she got:

“Something that’s been told to me over the years when I’ve talked to people about training: They’re like, ‘We can’t train with a woman.’ I’m like, why can’t you train with a woman? ‘Well no one is going to listen to you.’ Are you kidding me? This one dude said to me, ‘I’ve got 11 years in the business; what can you teach me?’ I’m like, how many tours of Japan you got?… Have you been outside of the Nevada-Arizona territory?… First thing is: Never tell a woman they have nothing to offer… You’re not going to go anywhere with that attitude…”

** Heath and Rhyno won the XICW Tag Team Championships in Michigan over the weekend.

** Ahead of his NXT Championship match at TakeOver 31, Kyle O’Reilly spoke with O’Reilly recalled recently chatting with Adam Cole about the responsibilities that come with being a WWE champion as far as the media, the scheduling and other obligations within that same folder.

“I was just telling Adam the other day to go back to what I was just saying about the responsibilities, and I just have such a huge respect for him in the way he carried this company on his back for the last two years with him being champion, him being a main eventer, him being a top guy. I mean, it’s one thing to have the main events and have the TakeOvers and the classic matches, but to juggle the responsibility of being a Champion and appearances and interviews and… man, I never really thought about it as much until I became the number one contender. And I was telling Adam, ‘Dude, it blows my mind that you kept up this schedule for as long as you did. And it’s inspiring, man.’ And he looked at me and said, ‘Dude, you are so ready for this. You’ve never been more prepared and I know that you can handle it.’

So, man, just having his support, it really does mean the world and gives me so much confidence and motivation because like you said, it’s true. We’ve been friends for a long time and our careers have sort of mirrored each other. Since our first meeting, since our first match, it’s like our careers have just been completely intertwined for better or for worse. And just to see the way he’s handled everything and the champion that he was, I think it’s really going to help me in the long run.”

** Former TNA Wrestling commentator Mike Tenay joined Garrett Gonzales and Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.

** Miro, Kip Sabian, Evil Uno, Leva Bates, Nyla Rose and Colt Cabana played ‘Among Us’ together.


** Baron Corbin was a part of a live stream on Twitch to watch the Kansas City Chiefs game.

** On their YouTube channel, Ring of Honor paid tribute to the Hispanic talents that have worked for their company during its existence.

** Billie Kay gave a tour of her gaming room via her YouTube channel.

** NXT’s Josiah Williams created a mix for Damian Priest.


** Part two of Nick Aldis’ appearance on the Keepin It 100 with Konnan podcast is up on the podcast’s feed.

** Rob Schamberger’s newest episode of ‘Canvas 2 Canvas’ is up on WWE’s YouTube channel.


** Chris Charlton chatted with Karl Fredericks to promote NJPW Strong.

** Ring of Honor spotlighted Adam Brooks as he wrestled in August for the Riot City Wrestling promotion in his home country of Australia.

** DDT Pro-Wrestling ‘Shinsu Chashu Minanoshu’ Results (10/4/20) Nagano, Japan
– Chris Brookes def. Mad Paulie
– Kazusada Higuchi & Saki Akai def. Hideki Okatani & Yuki Ueno
– HARASHIMA & Naomi Yoshimura def. Yukio Naya & Yukio Sakaguchi
– Antonio Honda, Danshoku Dino & Makoto Oishi def. Kazuki Hirata, Toru Owashi & Keigo Nakamura
– Antonio Honda, Danshoku Dino & Makoto Oishi def. Kazuki Hirata, Toru Owashi & Keigo Nakamura
– Soma Takao & Tetsuya Endo def. Daisuke Sasaki & Hiroshi Yamato
– Konosuke Takeshita & Shunma Katsumata def. Jun Akiyama & Mizuki Watase

** WWE ring announcer Mike Rome was a guest on Superstar Savepoint on the UpUpDownDown channel.


** Terri Runnels has a birthday today.

** WhatCulture conducted an interview with Tommy Dreamer.

** WrestleZone spoke with PJ Black about the ROH Pure Title tournament.

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This is an exceptional pick up for their corporate team. Erika is the real deal and if anyone follows the rise of Barstool into the mainstream, it is largely because of her. She recently did a podcast with Renee Young after her departure from WWE on her Token CEO podcast.

Barstool is very controversial but Erika is unequivocally one of the best CEOs in all of business. I would expect some cross-over at some point with WWE and Barstool, and personally think she would have made from an incredible new President though there is no way she is walking away from the Barstool/Penn National situation. Board of Directors don’t usually get involved in day to day business but as a voice at the table in an advisor capacity she really could bring a lot to WWE.

This also got me thinking how interesting it is that Barstool give their talent tons of freedom to grow their own brands while being full time employees in a mutually beneficial way. It’s an interesting contrast to what WWE is doing with their talent albeit Independent Contractors.

I highly recommend the Token CEO podcast as I’ve added it to the shows I listen to as much as I can for the insight into the business of Sports Media. Prior to Barstool, Erika was a rising star at Fidelity and AOL as well as a few other places I believe. She’s fascinating.

As a New Japan fan, I’m horrified!

As a WWE fan…I’m excited!

“The Butter Knife” Jay White.

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