POST PROFILE: Ken Shamrock

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In the first edition of the POST PROFILE, we go in-depth on the career of Ken Shamrock.

John Pollock spoke to the UFC Hall of Famer about his rise within mixed martial arts, his roots in professional wrestling, helping to form Pancrase, the rise of the UFC in the 90’s, signing with the World Wrestling Federation, the importance of UFC 40 and the legacy he has carved out.

Shamrock will be appearing at The Rec Room this Sunday night for “An Evening with Ken Shamrock”, an audience Q&A show taking place at 255 Bremner Blvd in downtown Toronto.

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Tremendous job on this @johnpollock this was a nice, light listen. I was a big Shamrock fan and thought he could have done so much more in the WWE. Cant wait to head more of these in the future hopefully.

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I enjoyed this as well. I never got to see Ken perform in his prime in MMA so this helped me understand the impact he had in MMA.

As with your audio-documents from a previous life these are great quality. Like many I only knew of Shamrock in WWF growing up, amazing look back on his career.

As always amazing work John.

Brief but comprehensive, excellent work John. More like these in the future.

It’s really good and if it was longer I wouldn’t mind.

This was brilliant and I agree that I wouldn’t be against it being longer.

Really quick and easy to listen to on a short drive. I really enjoyed it!

I wouldnt mind hearing the entire interview

I was shocked to hear how short his WWE run actually was. Felt like he was there for much longer.

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Loved this, John. Thought it was really outstanding and can’t wait for more in the future.