POST PURORESU: Kazuchika Okada Leaving NJPW

Originally published at POST PURORESU: Kazuchika Okada Leaving NJPW

WH Park & Karen Peterson talk about the departure of Kazuchika Okada from New Japan Pro Wrestling and the ramifications for the company.

At the top of the show, Karen and WH talk about the Vince McMahon civil suit allegations with Karen discussing her thoughts on how to make the industry safer for women.

Then, they shift over to NOAH and go over the upcoming GHC Heavyweight title challenge to Kenoh by El Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. in Sendai on Feb 4.

Finally, the show ends with a lengthy discussion on All Japan’s current exodus of talents and the curious behavior of President Tsuyoki Fukuda.


Photo Courtesy: NJPW

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Please take the time to listen to @KarenSensei for the first 20 minutes with an open mind. So incredibly proud of her for using her voice in a important way. Her strength is something that we could learn from.


I very seldom post on the forums, but thank you for making the time to listen.


Thank you, Karen, for everything you shared. The poignance of the current and historic lens of Women in Wrestling and your experiences within it as well. Despite the overwhelming amount of wrong takes and awful people reacting ignorantly and hyperbolically to everything online.

It’s greatly appreciated.