POST Puroresu returns next week with WH Park.

At the end of the show, we will take a handful of questions for WH about anything related to the Japanese scene.

POST below and we will get to as many as we can with WH.

Jake from The Windy City

Thank you John and W.H. for all the work you guys do and for keeping us up to date on the Puroresu scene.

  1. Do you guys believe that NJPW should rethink their North American expansion strategy? The last Long Beach show barely had any promotion and their card was booked within that week, and it didn’t sell out because of it.

  2. Pro Wrestling NOAH used to be one of my favorite promotions, especially in the mid 2000s. Ever since after Misawa’s death and Kobashi’s retirement, it has sadly become a shell of its former self. Do you think NOAH will ever recover and be what it once was or will it basically be a glorified indy promotion with bright colors?

  3. How popular was Hayabusa during his time as the franchise player at FMW and what are his chances of him ever getting into the Observer HOF?

Has there been any wrestlers in the past that you thought would have done better if they had moved companies. For example, Kawada was always seen as a All Japan guy and while he did go out to work other companies his home was seen as All Japan. Would he have succeeded elsewhere and is there anyone else you think could have done well in a different company. Is there also anyone currently that you would like to see go to a different company, I think Shingo has shown that going to somewhere new can help a lot.

Who do you see Cody defending the US title against at Wrestle Kingdom?

Where do you see Suzuki and Ishii on that show as well?

Do you think New Japan should try to acquire the tape libraries of defunct Japanese promotions or is the fanbase that would for example subscribe to NJPW World for FMW footage to small to justify the expense?


What is the working relationship like in Japan between companies and could there ever be a major consolidation to expand West.

What do you make of the reports about talent not enjoying their time in New Japan under new leadership.

If Omega and the Bucks left the company, would we see a major reversal on plans to expand the North America? Would that dissolve the ROH partnership as well?

What promotions outside of Japan are popular to the Japanese wrestling fan? Do they know companies like Impact and Evolve or is it mostly companies New Japan do cross promotion with? Do people follow those promotions aside from the crossover stuff?

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Alexander from Portland

Do you have any guess what percentage of fans in Japan believe that wrestling is real? On a similar note, are there certain cities that are more “smarky” than others?

Are there any NJPW Jr’s that you believe can/will be future World Heavyweight champions?

I have ordered AJPW tv for the first time this November. I Have only watched the 2 free shows on fite tv so far and enjoyed it.

Besides the obvious heavyweight wrestlers who are the other wrestlers to keep an eye on? For example the lightweights or any young guys.

Bruce from Vancouver,

There’s been a lot of discussion of NJPW’s forays into North American markets, but what do you see for the WWE’s fortunes in Japan? Apart from house shows, things have been pretty quiet since Beast In The East. Is there any chance that a deal could be struck with a smaller Japanese promotion to either be a feeder or turn-key operation: something similar to the Evolve situation or their attempts to forge relationships in the UK? Is there enough of an appetite for WWE-style product in Japan to make this worthwhile or is it an already well-sated market?

Could you comment on the legacy of Nakamura in New Japan since he’s left? Taguchi regularly mimics Shinsuke’s pose, and even at some point in the G1 this summer Tana did it before going for a BomaYe. Are these shots at him, or is it a sign of respect? I’d love to hear the answer on next months Puroresu. Thanks