POST Racing - A Discussion Thread on Formula One

Missed the first 2/3 of the race watching Doc Strange, but from what I saw the race looked like it had settled down just before the safety car. Red Bull had clearly done a great job with the set up of the car. It was always going to be a huge factor with the variety of the circuit. Do you aim your setup for high downforce for the tight twisty bits or low downforce to get more speed out of the straights. With that knowledge now, next year’s race is going to see more drivers try the low downforce setup


Anyone watch the Qualifying today? Curious to see what everyone thoughts of the upgrades and such

Really fun race in Spain. Way more than I expected from what I’ve seen about the track.


Had a blast watching this race! Hamilton coming back from the bottom to get so close to the podium, a solid tip 5. Max’s troubles but still managing to win (Ugh lol), Great time and can’t wait till next weekend!

How was Baku today?

Not bad, but not great. Terrible day if you are a Ferrari fan.

Canadian GP this Sunday. Now that’s gonna be fun.

Great track, qualifying was fun in the rain and it’s made for an odd looking grid. I assume Max will run away with it, but behind him should be fun, especially with Leclerc trying to come through the pack

This is a great race so far. Gonna be a tight finish.

Anyone play the F1 video games? The new one comes out next month

It seems like Mercedes were complaining less about porpoising today. It’ll be interesting to see if they actually came up with a permanent solution or if they just raised the ride height because Montreal requires less downforce.

From Twitter :laughing:

Red Bull and Ferrari were in their own league in the sprint race in Austria. Verstappen secured eight more World Championship points with the win. The Ferrari drivers cost each other too much time. Leclerc only hinted at criticism of the team leadership between the lines.

Verstappen will be eyeing up a massive haul of points this weekend after the issues in Silverstone. Austria will be interesting to watch.

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Wow, tremendous performance from Leclerc today.


Dammit. So I ended up trying out drive to survive about three weeks ago, and just about to finish season three but more importantly I signed up for F1 TV and the amount of content is amazing. Looking forward to this weekends race and plans to watch qualifying as well.y wife thinks I’m insane, but all I can talk about is F1. Is there some sort of spell attached to this sport? It’s like magic how it pulls you in.


Yeah, there is a magic. No one understands it. Just ride the wave.

Welcome to F1.

F1TV is, in fact, awesome. Enjoy all the free practice you want! LOL.


I’ve been contemplating signing up for F1 TV, is it worth it??

Yes. I’m entirely biased.

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I mean feel free to give me the low down! I’m pretty all in on F1 lol

Sorry, trying to keep things short and not influence anyone’s decisions on what to do with money.

If you want to watch historic races, every current session live or archived (practice, sprint races, qualifying, and the GP’s), pre-event hype shows, post-race wrap ups, tech breakdowns, and a weekend warm up to get you ready for the GP, then F1TV is for you. If you live on the Pacific Coast, like I do, F1TV is necessary to follow the sport. Do you like playing racing sims or want to see the drivers in action, then F1TV has onboards from every driver, in every session. There are numerous viewing and data options available for every session. See image for the various options on the side of the screen.

You can jump into any live session and either start from the beginning of the session or join live. As long as you don’t close that window, you can scrub back and forth throughout the live feed. You have access to two different commentary streams, with different production. The main feed is the F1TV broadcast, while the international feed is the video feed sent to broadcast partners and features the Sky Sports commentary crew. On the international feed, you do not get the replays and whathavenot: it’s legitimately the live feed sent to broadcast partners internationally. You’ll see a replay, then after commercial, you’ll hear the sky sports crew do commentary over the same replay. You can hear it but you can’t see it.


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Thank you so much! I hope it wasn’t any trouble to give me all that info, I’m thinking I’m going to subscribe….probably tonight lol