POST Wrestling In Your House - Game Night - UFC 249 Edition

POST Wrestling In Your House - Game Night - UFC 249 Edition - Saturday April 18, 2020 8pm ET

Hey POST Wrestling fans, since the evil executives at Disney and ESPN have deprived us of our essential entertainment, we’re going to have to make do and throw our own party. We’ll be having another fun game night where we’ll be streaming the Jackbox Party Pack. It’s an extremely fun social game and you don’t need to own a copy to play along or watch. Once again we’ll be playing on the official POST Wrestling Discord. If you haven’t joined yet what are you waiting for? You can even link your Patreon account to show off your POST Wrestling Patronage.

We’ll also be giving away some official POST Wrestling swag so make sure you drop by and enter for your chance to win! Our last event was a ton of fun and there have been many more people who have joined the Discord since so I expect this event to be even more ridiculous and raucous than the first.

Can’t wait to see you all there.


Coming back to defend my Quiplash title like…
:rofl: :trophy: :100:


This is the exact type of tomfoolery we were looking for.

You’re hired. But be warned - we’re coming with that true dark energy this time…


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Waiting in the rafters like…

This stream is going live soon

Remember to join us on Discord to maximize the fun and for your chance to wing that sweet sweet POST Wrestling Swag.

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I almost never post here.

I am (nearly) untouchable at Quiplash 2.

Now the world has proof.