Post wrestling’s charitable coverage of crown jewel👏

Wow!! What an excellent thing to do. So proud to be part of this and feel a lot better about watching crown jewel knowing you are doing this and that I can contribute. As wrestling journalists, I don’t think that you should have had any guilt in covering this event in the 1st place, so it’s so admirable that your morals compelled you to do this. Thank you.

I gave to a women’s charity after watching GRR, (credit to Matt Davies-Adams from gorilla position for the idea) and although there is still a huge problem with womens rights in Saudi Arabia, it does not feel like the overwhelming issue at the moment.


I personally wouldn’t have a problem with the guys not covering the show.
It’s understandably uncomfortable.
I definitely will not be watching.


Won’t likely be watching - but I would like to know if the information for where to donate would be made public prior the event.

I wouldn’t be able to watch / listen to the post-show as it happens, and hope you’ll be accepting donations before and after, to help with your total.

I love that John and Wai are doing this, it shows what great people they truly are.
As @MarkP said, please @johnpollock and @wai0937 can you send us the link, as I would like to donate and help a worthy cause. is where you can donate.


I was hoping that we could donate to you guys - and join in on your specific donation - so it can help be one large sum total raised, vs a bunch of smaller donations.

However, if that’s what you’d prefer to do, I’ll gladly do that.

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Won’t be watching but will be listening to to the review and donating to CPJ. You guys are awesome for doing this, I hope the review lasts a long time.

6 hour review a watch wai nap.

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Thanks John, I’ve just donated :).


I love how you guys are approaching this. I will not watch Crown Jewel, but will toss a few bucks (maybe $9.99?) to and promote CPJ, in addition to listening to your review of it.

I think people donating $9.99 would be a great idea. That’s something people should do in lieu of watching Crown Jewel for sure.

That’s a nice gesture that you guys are doing. I get how some people might be uncomfortable with this situation and it’s understandable, not everybody react the same way to things like that.

Personally, I don’t mind it as much as I feel like if I would get outrage every time a major entertainment company or act goes to a country that has the reputation Saudi Arabia as, I wouldn’t be watching anything because the world is full of situation like this one, but That’s me. So I will be recording crowning jewel and watching it later that day not because I’m not outrage by the situation but because I’m able to separate the political and human situation from the entertainment aspect.

So I’m happy for what they decided to do to help people in need by donating money for to that charity and while I’m not able to help them financially, I still do will tell my friends about the charity so that maybe they can help them get more money for that cause.

Here’s the more direct link on CPJ’s site for donations.

It seems you can enter any amount you wish, so I indeed donated $9.99, along with an additional 44 cents to cover the transaction fee (that’s optional, as well as making the gift in honor of someone).

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I have unsubscribed to the network for a month(at least) and donating £9.99 to CPJ. WWE need to jump ship, especially after todays further details on the murder.