PROGRESS announce new championship

PROGRESS Wrestling have announced that the Atlas Championship is officially retired after WALTER unified it with the PROGRESS World Championship (now the PROGRESS Unified World Championship), and it will be replaced with a new championship known as the PROGRESS Proteus Championship.

Proteus in Greek mythology is a shape shifting sea-god, so the Proteus Champion gets to determine the form the title takes. For instance, one could make it a hardcore title, another might make it a shoot style title, another might only defend it in intergender matches. The title will be decided at Alexandra Palace on September 15th in a Rumble Match.

For an idea of how this title works, DDT did something similar with the Extreme Title, where every match has a different stipulation. Although it looks like it’ll be a general theme over a title reign rather than match by match. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see who wins it!


Interesting idea. I don’t hate it, though I feel like it could quickly become a really irrelevant title.

PROGRESS’ booking is terrible. I’ve subscribed for over a year now and while the matches are often good to great, their booking often seems throw together.

I like the idea of this belt, though. I wonder if the champion will be allowed to change the rules for each match or if they have to pick one stipulation and stick to it.

I feel it’s a solid idea but looking at how they’ve booked the Atlas and Women’s title recently, I’m not holding out too much hope. I am a very die hard Progress fan but as it’s been said above, recently their booking has not been the greatest.
I’m also getting annoyed at them turning their champions heel. Walter and Jordynne Grace both turned over Super Strong Style for no real reason. This title screams a heel title as well, it’s custom made for a cowardly heel to create a rule set that works for them. It’s a solid idea but progress don’t need more heel champions,

It’s a good idea. But by all accounts it sounds like they’re booking has taken a nosedive for the most part. Hope it works out, and I’m sure it’ll be gorgeous at least.