Progress Chapter 62 Results - WALTER vs. Timothy Thatcher for the Atlas championship

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PROGRESS Chapter 62: Fear No More, Come To Dust

Submitted by: Matthew Smith

Date: Sunday 28 January 2018

Venue: Electric Ballroom, London, UK

Attendance: 700 (sold out)

Pre-show match: Never Say Die (Dillon D’Angelo & Alex Cupid) beat Team White Wolf (Adam Chase & A-Kid)

Natural Progression Series Round One: Chris Ridgeway beat Omari

Roy Johnson beat Pastor William Eaver

Triple threat match: Zack Sabre Jr beat Trent Seven & Chris Brookes

PROGRESS World Championship: Travis Banks beat TK Cooper

PROGRESS Women’s Championship: Toni Storm beat Chakara

Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins beat Mark Andrews & Danny Jones

Flash Morgan Webster beat Doug Williams

PROGRESS Atlas Championship: Walter beat Timothy Thatcher

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Hard to comment on the show without seeing it, but a few of those results seem…questionable.

I think Brookes needed the win there to really cement himself as a singles competitor and heat himself up a bit more; did Sabre really need the win more than him?

And this may be bias, but Omari should have gone over Ridgeway. I don’t think Ridgeway needs the Natural Progression series to get himself over in PROGRESS but I feel Omari does need that helping hand in order for all those unfamiliar with him to fully invest.

But again, it’s hard to really say anything without hearing more detail about the matches and the reception to them. I am hearing that WALTER vs Thatcher is a MOTYC though, which is very good news.

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Can someone clue me in, why Walter and Thatcher were fighting each other, since they are a tag team in wXw?

I’m still on my mission to watch the chapters in order, so I’ve no clue about current storylines.

Thatcher was the #1 contender, and Ringkampf are open about fighting each other with respect. It was a tremendous, brutal and violent match.


Is there any way to watch the Walter vs Thatcher match online? I’ve read that it’s delightfully brutal and amazing.

They usually get chapter shows up on their pivotshare by the following weekend. If you follow progress on twitter they’ll post there when it’s up.

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It’s going up at this weekend.

Cheers guys. Thanks.

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Caught up with PROGRESS Chap. 62. Overall an average show. The first four matches didn’t do much for me, but the last four made it worth it.

The thing to really take from the show is WALTER/Thatcher. Brutal match. They had a hardcore match without weapons or gimmicks. WALTER simply concentrated on chops to the chest. Over and over again. To the point of Thatcher’s chest drew BLOOD! Crazy. Must see!