Progress Chapter 64: Thunderbastards Are Go! Results and Notes

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Submitted by: Matthew Smith

Progress Chapter 64: Thunderbastards Are Go!

Date: Sunday 25th February 2018

Venue: Camden Electric Ballroom

Attendance: 700

**David Starr & Jack Sexsmith beat No Fun Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr

**Charlie Morgan beat Millie McKenzie

**Mark Davis beat Maverick Mayhew in the Natural Progression Series

**Zack Gibson & James Drake beat Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins to regain the Progress Tag Team Championships

**Zack Sabre Jr beat Jonah Rock

**Thunderbastard match (think Royal Rumble style entry, but eliminations via pinfall, submission or DQ):


  1. Tyler Bate
  2. Chris Brookes
  3. TK Cooper
  4. Trent Seven
  5. Eddie Dennis (pinned by TK Cooper)
  6. Flash Morgan Webster
  7. Pete Dunne
  8. Mark Andrews


Eddie Dennis pinned by TK Cooper
Pete Dunne DQ
Trent Seven pinned by TK Cooper
TK Cooper pinned by Chris Brookes
Chris Brookes pinned by Mark Andrews
Mark Andrews pinned by Tyler Bate

Tyler Bate pinned by Flash Morgan Webster

Winner: Flash Morgan Webster

**Travis Banks beat Matt Riddle to retain the Progress World Championship


Caught this on DEMAND-PROGRESS shortly before the weekend. The Thunderbastard Match never fails to entertain me. Good stories in it, including the Eddie Dennis story I really enjoy, and by the end of the event I’m curious as to what Webster will do. I really liked the main event and Sabre-Rock. Enjoyed the opener, despite the commentary during it.

Serious and only mildly-related question…

Am I supposed to call it “PRO-gress” because that’s the proper name of the promotion, or should I still say “PROG-ress” because I’m an American and that’s how we typically say that word?

I’m amazed at how much they crowd have turned on Banks, it’s either that or they really love Riddle (which I don’t blame them as I do too). The Dennis story was great and it looks like they’re rushing Webster cashing in after his promo yesterday but at least that gives it context as to why he’s doing it. The only thing I wasn’t a big fan of was Haskins & Havoc losing the tag titles so quickly, it pretty much turned them face as well which I don’t think is the long term goal.

I don’t think it matters. Whatever you find most comfortable.

They absolutely love Riddle, but I think the issue with Banks is mainly a booking problem. They’ve always seemed to have a better handle on heel champions than babyface champions from what I’ve seen, and Banks is coming off that program with Cooper and Brookes that didn’t seem to satisfy anyone.

100% they book heels better. I feel they rely on “This is going to be a good match” when it’s a babyface champion and they focus more on a overall story when they have a heel champion. Banks is very good in the ring but there’s no story and to me there could have easily been a story when he went against Brooks and then TK, they didn’t even have him cut a promo about it. Banks is just on shows and defending the title.