from the Wrestling Observer

Punishment Martinez is heading to WWE after finishing with Ring of Honor tonight.

Martinez dropped the Ring of Honor Television championship tonight to Jeff Cobb during ROH’s television tapings in Las Vegas, Nevada. PWInsider first reported that Martinez is finishing up with ROH following tonight’s tapings. According to our own Dave Meltzer, Martinez is headed to WWE.

Seriously? I knew that he was finishing up but I didn’t know he was WWE-bound.

That kinda sucks I figured he’d be a staple of ROH for awhile. Has a great look but had a few kinks to work out. Hope he does well in NXT.

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Congrats to the guy but I’m a little surprised that WWE got him. He’s not bad but isn’t anything special in my eyes. I mean, if I was looking at that roster he wouldn’t be my first choice.

I think he’ll benefit from working out those kinks in NXT. He has a look, I would repackage him though. Not big enough a name to keep it going into WWE system

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OH don’t worry, they will repackage him…as the Constable of Smackdown Live.

Better work on his shoulders and arms or es going to be another Cass.

Good for him. Seems like a wwe guy, to me. I can see him in NXT and possibly being Alastair Black attacker.

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Good idea. I’d like to see that feud.

Think they still have the old Mordecai gear in storage?